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Adam Glatz

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February 8, 2016


Adam recently moved to the Minneapolis area in Minnesota. It may or may not have been partly due to the lovely woman in his life or, perhaps, to perfect his Minnesota accent. Nevertheless, he is excited to endeavor upon the incredible & thriving theater scene there that he has heard so much about. This past year Adam has been quite busy with both theater and film work in New York and was able to reach his goal of working with 10 different film directors in one year. Yeah baby! When he's not electrifying the stage or the screen, he's enjoying, dancing, the martial arts, cooking, drawing, and photography.





DOUBT--Father Flynn(lead)--Dowling Studio/Raye Birk

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT--Razumikhin (lead)--Live Action Set/Noah Bremmer


HAMLET-- Horatio/Hamlet (lead)-- Malcolm McKay/Oxford Shakespeare Company


THE REST OF YOUR LIFE-- Harold-- Josh Hecht/Megan Mostyn-Brown/Axial Theater 

AWAKE AND SING-- Sam Feinschreiber-- Francesco Compari/Axial Theater 

DIAL “M” FOR MURDER-- Tony Wendice (lead)-- Ray Eckerle/Pound Ridge Theater

BEYOND THERAPY-- Bruce (lead)-- Rachel Jones/Axial theater 

UNDER THE ONE-TIME SKY-- Dwight-- Phillipstown Depot Theatre (Aery Festival Winner)  

THE WILD PARTY-- Phil D’Armando-- Howard Meyer/Axial theater 

PRIVATE WARS-- Gately-- Rachel Jones/Axial theater 

DIRTY LAUNDRY-- Jim-- Pat O’Connor/Roy Arias Theater

THE ACTORS NIGHTMARE-- George Spelvin-- Rachel Jones/Axial theater 

ROMEO AND JULIET-- Romeo-- Carol Marks/Ridgefield Theater Barn 


PEPSI--Teddy Bridgewater Cohort--Buffalo Wild Wings/David Lawson

ST CROIX CASINO/TURTLE LAKE--Joyful husband--Cord Media/Adam Duplay

WILD BILLS SALOON--Avid football fan--Comcast/Steve Garbe

SHABBOS PROJECT-- Corporate CEO-- Ingenious Prod/Moshe Bree

HOW TO WIN-- Successful Job Interviewee-- Tom Pogue/History Channel

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS-- San Bernardino Det.-- Tom Pogue/Discovery ID

MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM-- Doctor O’Reilly-- Travel Channel/Optomen Ent.

BEST OF INDIA--Detective Vigil--Aswar Rahman/Cinneapolis

SALONE--Case--Aswar Rahman/Cinneapolis

WHISPERING PINES-- Paul-- Rob Catolano/Indie

STEPFORD-- Secret lover-- Discovery ID/Sharp Ent.

THE RED DRESS-- Bobby-- Mark Gorham/Indie

PROXIFY-- Traveling Millionare-- Terry Snyder/Proxify.com

RUNNER-- Steve-- Alon Gelnick/SVA thesis film

RIVER’S EDGE-- Jesse-- Anthony Monterulo - Indie


BEST BUY--Jimmy Stewart--Justin Schaack/Yellow Tag Prod.

NOKIA SMARTPHONE-- Nice Guy-- U Direct Productions/NYC

SLUMBERLAND--Football Dad--Susie Passons

AURIA HEADPHONES-- Athlete-- Zach Gobetz/Auria Headphones

BAYER-- Pharmacist-- Rebecca Silver - ADM Prod.

EDUCATION State University of New York at Oneonta. Axial Theater Conservatory, New York.


Scene Study - Raye Birk, Larry Moss, David Deblinger, John Howard Swain, Howard Meyer, Rachel Jones.

Shakespeare - John Barton, Cicely Berry, Patsy Rodenburg, Ron Destro, Chris McCann, Raye Birk.

Voice - Patsy Rodenburg, Dianna Schoenborn (Linklater)

Singing - Michael Gruber, Phil Hall (vocal range: Bari-tenor)

Improvisation - HUGE - MJ Marsh, David Deblinger, Ryan Shams

Commercials - Bill Cooper, John Swain (T. Schreiber, NYC)

Voice Over - Anna Garduno

Alexander technique - Brian McCullough, Karla Diamond Booth 

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