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December 20, 2021
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  • "Queen Gwendolyn" in THE DRAGON WHO LIKED TO SPIT FIRE
  •  "Lady of the Lake" in SPAMALOT


Actor, Singer, Model, Producer

Vocal range: Lyric Soprano with legit Belt. E3 to F6. Opera, Musical Theatre, Pop and Jazz


EXPERIENCE (Show -Role -Company -Director)

"The Secret Garden" - Lily - The Zephyr Theatre - Calyssa Hall

"HAIR" - Sheila - Theatre 55 - Richard Hitchler

"The Haunted Trolley" - The Lady in White - Zephyr Theatre - Calyssa Hall

"It Can't Happen Here"- Francis - MN Fringe Festival - Brian Bevel

"Christmas, My Way" - Woman #1 - St. Croix Off Broadway - Jim Zimmerman

"Lillith" - Vocalist - The House of Hello -  Josh Anderson

"Games of the Thrones-The Opera" (Hawaii Tour) - Cersei - Really Spicy Opera- Basil Considine

"PHANTOM!" - Carlotta - Artistry - Karen Weber

"Murder Mysteries- A Play for Voices" - Lucifer - Shadow Horse Theatre - Jim Ahrens

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood" - Beatrice - Second Fiddle Productions

"The Jeweler's Shop" - Anna - Open Window Theatre - Jeremy Stanbary

"CRAZYFACE" - Witch/Irvette - Shadow Horse Theatre - Paul von Stoetzel

"Dogwood" - Evelynn - Candid Theatre Company - Justin Kirkeberg

"Les Miserables" - Ensemble - Artistry - Karen Weber 

"Sunday in the Park with George" - Nurse/Harriet - Artistry - Karen Weber

"Macbeth" - Lady Macbeth -Theatre Coup D'Etat - Peter Beard

"The Vagabond King" - Ensemble - Skylark Opera Company - Kristin Kenning

"On the Town" - Flossie's Friend - Skylark Opera Company - Bob Neu

"Into the Woods" - Rapunzel - Artistry - Joe Chvala

"Master Class" - Sharon Graham - Artistry - John Command

"White Christmas" - Holiday Singer - The Ordway - Jamie Rocco

"Sweeney Todd" - Johanna - Second Stage Productions - Randy Day

"The Desert Song" - Ensemble - Skylark Opera Company -Randy Winkler

"The Sound of Music" - Holiday Singer - The Ordway - Jamie Rocco

"Wonderful Town" - Eileen - Artistry - John Command

"The Hollow" - Veronica - Starting Gate Theatre - Ellen Fenster

"Babe! An Olympic Musical" - Suzy - Theatre Unbound - Carolyn Gage

"Jerry Springer-The Opera" - Stripper/Dancer - Minneapolis Musical Theatre - Steven Meerdink

"HMS Pinafore" - Buttercup - Theatre in the Round - Linda Paulson

"A Little Night Music" - Mrs. Nordstrom - Artistry - John Command

"Sweeney Todd" - Featured Vocalist/Johanna u/s - Artistry - John Command

"A Little Night Music" - Petra- Lakeshore Players- Douglas Daly

"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" - Ruby Rae - Artistry - John Command

"Chess" - Arbiter's Assistant - Minneapolis Musical Theatre - Steven Meerdink

"Annie Get Your Gun" - Dolly - Paul Bunyan Playhouse - Robbie Mancina

"The Phantom of the Opera" - Christine Daae - Bravo Theatre - Greg Grissom

"Cannibal! The Musical" - Noon's Mom/Hotchick - The Mechanical Division - Ben Thietje

COMMERCIAL, MODELING, PRINT: Target, Zyrtec, Killing Joke Films, Christopher Grey Photography, Twin Cities Bridal Show, CRUSH Photography, LUXE Bridal, Aveda, Rhymesayer Entertainment, Sinsear Photography, DougRayPhillips, Lens and Luma Photography, Stevie Ray's Improv

PRODUCER CREDITS: "A Kind of Love Story" , "CrazyFace", "Murder Mysteries-A Play For Voices",  "BUG", "TRAINSPOTTING" , "We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!", "The Secret Garden"

EDUCATION University of Minnesota, Twin Cities/Vocal Performance

Acting: Cheryl Moore Brinkley, Cynthia Ulrich 

Dance: Zenon Dance Studio, The Gurthrie Theatre, John Command

Private Voice: Melissa Hart, Stephen Houtz, Manon Gimlett, Glenda Maurice

On Camera: JR Casting

Improvisation: Ed Noreen, Suzette Jamison, Matthew Kelly

Special Skills: Conversational French, Italian, Horseback Riding, Kickboxing, Former Lifeguard