Benjamin Domask

Last updated

January 2, 2020


Benjamin Domask has been training and performing for over 10 years. He humbly began his studies in the art magic, legerdemain, and prestidigitation at a young age. While obtaining a degree in Psychology, Benjamin began practicing in the field of juggling and began seeking performance opportunities, both in costume and out. As opportunities increased, so did the need for more training. He sought training with a variety of masters. In juggling he has trained under Jay Gilligan (Doch), Sean Blue (Cirque du Soleil), and Stephen Sing (Lido). In his homebase of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Benjamin found a variety of former Ringling Brothers Clowns and Theatre Clowns such as Bob Rosen (Macalester College & Theatre de la Jeune Lune), Neal Skoy (Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey and Yellow Tree Theatre), Gregory Parks (Kinoshita Cirucs and Children's Theatre Company), and Jon Ferguson (WLDRNSS & University of Minnesota B.F.A Program). In 2015, Benjamin attended the Theatre de l’Ange Fou, a school researching Corporeal Mime under the direction of Steve Wassom and Corrine Soum, the last assistants of Etienne Decroux, the Father of Modern Mime. He has been training there as time has allowed ever since. Benjamin has a love for learning and supplements all of his training with academic research and supports his learning by being a teaching artist. Being a teaching artist allows him to share the skills he has learned and solidifies that knowledge as understanding.


Through collaborations with circus and theatre groups around the world, Benjamin has collected a unique set of devising and creation techniques. Throughout 2014-2015, Benjamin worked in collaboration with Thom Wall (Cirque du Soleil) on their award winning show “The ‘Dinner and a Show’ Show”. The duo had to utilize ‘long-distance collaboration’ to craft the script, and develop and practice partner-juggling tricks (on their own). They came together 4 days before opening to put together all the physical juggling, theatrical blocking, and character development they had worked on digitally over the previous 3 months. During his work in 2015 with Theatre de l’Ange Fou, he experienced the creation of physical, non-verbal theatre through the use improvisation drawn from the unconscious mind. In 2016 Benjamin acted, directed, and devised an original work with The Curiosita, a group that specializes in taking ideas created in the rehearsal space and crafting them into a skeleton structure, which the piece is built on. The group released “Fat Cat Fall” in the winter of 2016 at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater in Minneapolis, MN. With his personal work, Benjamin has been exploring and discovering how to take his own curious nature and convert that into pieces that connect to an audience directly (physically/verbally) and indirectly (emotionally). He has begun work on “Hodge Podge” a solo piece that dives into that connection within audiences and all people. This piece began during Benjamin’s 2018 Hinge Arts Residency in Fergus Falls, MN, continued development in New York Mills, MN, and had a workshopping debut as part of the curated Family Fringe Festival. After getting married in September of 2019, Benjamin was Assistant director for Children's Theatre Comapny's 2019 production of Cinderella. He is currently co-directing on 'Melancholy Play,' by Sarah Ruhl with Joshua Zapata-Palmer (co-director) and Tori Domask-Ruh (technical director) for Farmington High School.