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We create smart, vivid, varied, and gutsy programming. As an audience member, you’ll be part of moving, thought-provoking theatre.


All our plays come from passionate choices. We are known for our feisty, approachable classics, as well as our taste in darker, gutsier, modern scripts. A lot of time and diligence goes into dissecting those scripts. The care we take with the playwright's vision inspires our artists, and allows our audiences the most informed and balanced performances possible.


The audience is invited to engage in our process from beginning to end. Audiences are encouraged to attend our playreading series and weigh in on potential scripts for upcoming seasons. Throughout the rehearsal period, we use social media to shine a light on the process. And our study guides offer a chance for the audiences to learn more about the playwright, the history of the script, or continue to research the themes of the production long after the curtain has fallen. Our artists are our biggest investment. Our directors prefer to work collaboratively, giving our performers and designers deeper ownership of the art that is being made. Artists are encouraged to learn new skills and take on new roles--both within the company and without—by offering observerships and proposal opportunities.


Theatre Pro Rata's artistic company is made up of working artists, both on stage and off. We are seasoned performers, designers, directors, and more. But all of those artists also have other duties. Marketing. Copywriting. Box office management. Graphic design. All the administration that makes an organization go--we do it ourselves. On stage, off stage, on our laptops, in our personal work spaces: every company member is making theatre happen.

2001: Theatre Pro Rata is founded.

2004: The Artistic Company is formed.

2005: The Board of Directors is formed.

2015: Theatre Pro Rata begins a limited  producing partnership with  Park Square Theater.

2016: Theatre Pro Rata celebrates its 15th year.

We want you to love the play as much as we do.

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We want you to love the play as much as we do.

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