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For more than 100 years, the Actors Equity Association has been working to advance, promote and foster the art of live theater as an essential component of our society while protecting our 49,000 members and supporting their career.

Equity negotiates wages and working conditions for its member actors and provides a wide range of benefits. We have a variety of contracts available for producers depending on the size of the theater and history of the company. Visit our website for more information.

We will work with you in good faith to make sure that everyone is able to do their best work.

Equity members also get these additional benefits: a national credit union which offers car and house loans, a pension plan, health benefits, and discount resources such as Union Plus and Working Advantage--even a discount on eyeglasses or a pair of new shoes, if you are on the health plan.

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As a service and for informational purposes only, the AEA Liaison Committee provides information that may be of interest to AEA members. This page provides information, news and events for all members of the Twin Cities theater community interested in more information about Actors Equity Association. We welcome members of AEA, EMC candidates, and all others involved in the Twin Cities and beyond. The views, positions and/or opinions expressed herein are those of the Twin Cities Area Liaison Committee and do not necessarily reflect the official policy and positions of Actors’ Equity Association. For more info about Actors’ Equity, please visit AEA’s official website,


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