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Bruce Abas

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May 15, 2022
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Bruce’s current news

2017   History Theatre-    All the Way    company

2017   Mill City Opera-    Maria de Buenos Aires     featured dancer

2016   Sidekick Theatre-    Elves and the Shoemaker     Jacob


Height:  5’11”                                        BRUCE ABAS                                            special skills:

Weight:  145                                            (612) 267-3847                                                  Ballroom Dance



2015     the Mayor      EDGAR ALLEN POE’S THE NUTCRACKER    InterAct           Scotty Reynolds

2014    Stranger         CURSED                                                  Fringe Fest 2014        Mark Rosenwinkel

2014     Peotyr         THE CHILDREN'S REPUBLIC           Harmony Theatre                Elena Khalitov

2013     Hassim           STONE HEARTS                                     Concordia                     Mark Rosenwinkel

2013     Tom               JUNK SONG                                           Upscale Theatre                       Becka Linder

2013     Carver            DREAMLESS LAND                                               Red Eye                    Steve Busa

2012     Behrman        AN O HENRY CHRISTMAS                Open Window Theatre               Joy Donely

2012     Geppetto        PINOCCHIO                                        Steppingstone Theatre      Josette Antomarchi

2012     Matt              TALLEY’S FOLLY                                       Workhouse Theatre              Mark Hauk

2010     Manny           IRIS                                                                           Red Eye                     Steve Busa

2009     Jacob Marley    FEZZIWIGS FEAST                                   Actors Theatre               Jon Cranney

2009     Guy               GOD’S EAR                                                              Red  Eye                   Steve Busa

2008     Daddy           AMANDA TEARS TEENAGE DETECTIVE       Red  Eye                  Steve Busa    

2008     Hank             HAVE YOU SEEN STEVE STEVEN?                   Red Eye                    Steve Busa                                                       

2007     Yankel          THE MAGIC DREIDELS                            MN Jewish Th Co        Miriam Monasch                                                                                                      

2007      company      DEAD CITY                                                               Red Eye                    Steve Busa

2006      Eddie            A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                    Starting Gate                    Jodi Kellogg

2004      understudy   DINAH WAS                                                    Penumbra                        Lou Bellamy

2004      Lars              REQUIEM                                                            Red Eye                   Barbe Marshall

2004      Dunois         ST. JOAN                                                      Park Square                        Richard Cook

2003      Peter            ORSON WELLES/ MOBY DICK              Jungle Theatre                    Bain Boehlke

2003      Leicester      MARY STUART                                          Park Square                       Richard Cook

2002      Matt             TALLEY’S FOLLY                                Mn  Jewish Th C                  Micheal Kissen

2000     Saunders      THE CHOSEN                                         Mn  Jewish Th Co.                 Carolyn Levy

1999     Company     THE TOMORROW PROJECT                    Red Eye                              Steve Busa

1997     Tregorin       THE SEAGULL                                        Peter Peter Pumpkin Theatre     John Ursu

            1993    Wilmore       THE ROVER                                              Park Square Theatre        Casey Stangl

1992     Diomedes      TROY                                                Lyric Theatre                           Stephen DiMenna

1992     Autolycus      WINTER’S TALE                           Theatre in the Round                Peter Moore

1991     Wormrath      THROUGH THE WHEAT             History Theatre                       Stephen DiMenna

1991     Cassius          JULIUS CEASER                            Theatre in the Round                 Peter Moore

1990     Bastard          KING JOHN                                     Theatre in the Round                Peter Moore

1987    Soldier           CORIOLANUS                                    McCarter Theatre                  Liviu Ciulei

1986     Hamlet          HAMLET                                           Theatre in the Round                 John Orlock

1985     Ike                HOME AT SEVEN                            St. Stephens Project                   Martha Boesing

1985    John               THE PHILANTHROPIST               Theatre in the Round                Stephen Dietz

1983    Hesse            COUNT OF ST. GERMAIN             Theatre de la Juene Lune       Dominque Serrand




University of Minnesota   BA – Theatre Arts   1983

New York University   Graduate Acting Program     1986-87