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Chufue Yang

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September 7, 2021


Chufue Yang is a Hmong American actor, model, singer, and graphic designer with roots in theater and film. Yang has debuted in multiple film festivals and has racked up to 3 million views for his short film "Listen to me" directed by Toucha Her of Windstuck Productions. Yang has also graced the pages of Vogue, Dazed Fashion, and Paper Magazine alongside modeling campaigns for Target Pride 2021 and Nike (collaborations with Finishline, Nike Lab ACG, and web e-commerce). Yang has also modeled for Urban Outfitters, Commes De Garçons, and multiple boutique/streetwear brands in Chicago, Illinois.

With his craft, Yang is actively pursuing to break glass ceilings capped on people of color on stage and in film. Yang's passion and drive to dive into conversations and art that focus on inclusivity and diversity ultimately shape his work as a queer acting artist of color. 

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Chufue Yang Actor Demo Reel - 2021


Frozen Film Festival (San Francisco) - Best Overall Film

Best in show (Chicago) - Arts Insituite in Chicago

Qhia Dab Neeg Film (St.Paul) - Best Film Narrative

Webby Nominee for Best Web Series 

Steamy Nominee for Best Indie Series

Queerty Nominee for Best Digital Series

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