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November 9, 2020

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Preparing for Swandive Theatre's 2020 living room tour.


Damon Runnals is a script director and producer of theatre. His directing style is highly collaborative - bringing designers and actors together early in the process. His rehearsal work draws from elements of play and character exploration. As a producer Damon created Swnadive Theatre with his partner Meg DiSciorio. He has worked all aspects of productions including: auditions, casting, stage management, planning and organization, oversight of design team, technical work, load in, strike, etc. Damon has been directing full length productions and one-act shows since 1999. 



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Outopia Work Sample

Crumble Work Sample


Directing (all productions with Swandive Theatre unless otherwise noted)

The Canopic Jar of my Sins: a medieval morality play for latter-day postmodernists - 2019
Stranded on Earth - 2019
Bliss - 2018
Good Egg - 2017
Kid-Simple: a radio play in the flesh
 - 2016
Defying Gravity - 2015
An Outopia for Pigeons - 2013
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - 2012
Crumble (Lay me down, Justin Timberlake) - 2011
The Baltimore Waltz - 2010
Postal Notes on a Marriage - 2009
Full Frontal Improve - 2009
The Play my Mother Hates - 2008
Inventing Van Gogh - 2007
The Backyard Play - 2006
Dearly Departed - 2006 (with La Vie Productions)
Bliss: three one-acts - 2005

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