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Eric Marinus Nelson

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May 2, 2020


Eric Marinus is an actor/director/theater artist based in Minneapolis. He is a Company Member of the Ivey Award- and Minnesota Theater Award-winning theater company Transatlantic Love Affair and a graduate of Lispa. He is currently in rehearsal with Chain Reaction Theatre Project for What Guys REALLY Want, will be in Eden Prairie Players' Bus Stop in March, and has recently performed as Nathan in Segue Productions' Denial, as Mr. Crain in Transatlantic Love Affair's Ash Land, and as Mr Van Daan in Park Square's The Diary of Anne Frank.


Eric Marinus Nelson 

[email protected]


Height 6’0”    Hair & Beard Brown/Grey

Voice Tenor/Baritone    Build Medium

Eyes Blue-Grey    Glasses/Contacts Yes


Company Member  |  Transatlantic Love Affair

Park Square Generals 2019


Plays  |  Roles include

Bus Stop  |  Professor Lyman
   Eden Prairie Players  |  2019

What Guys REALLY Want  |  Ensemble
    Chain Reaction Theatre Project  |  2019

Denial  |  Nathan
    Segue Productions  |  2018

Ash Land  |  Ensemble (Banker Crain)
    Everwood Farmstead  |  Trandsatlantic Love Affair  |  2018
    Illusion Theater Lights Up! Series  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2014
    Minnesota Fringe Festival  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2012

The Diary of Anne Frank  |  Mr Van Daan
    Park Square Theatre  |  2018

The Ravagers  |  Danaus
    The X Lab at Can Can Wonderland  |  Savage Umbrella (now Umbrella Collective)  |  2018

The Privateer  |  Ensemble (Chives the butler, Murphy, Commodore Pettigrew)
    Illusion Theater  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2017

Crash and Burn: An American success story  |  Director
    Minnesota Fringe Festival  |  Middle Name Productions  |  2017

The Awakening  |  Beaudelet, Col. Cartwright, Mr. Merriman
    Southern Theater  |  Savage Umbrella (now Umbrella Collective)  |  2017

Promise Land  |  Ensemble
    Guthrie Theater Dowling Studio  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2017

105 Proof: The Killing of Mack ‘The Silencer’ Klein  |  Ensemble (Narrator)
    Illusion Theater  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2016
    Minnesota Fringe Festival  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2015

The Sparrow  |  Ensemble
     Southern Theater  |  Live Action Set  |  2016

Emilie/Eurydice  |  Ensemble (Emilie's father)
     Illusion Theater  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  | 2015

‘Art’  |  Serge
     D-cubed Productions  |  2015

These Old Shoes  |  Ensemble (Cliff)
     Illusion Theater Light Up! Series  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2015
     Minnesota Fringe Festival  |  Transatlantic Love Affair  |  2013

The Underpants  |  Klinglehoff
     Theatre in the Round  |  2014

Treasure Island  |  Jim’s father / Calico Jack
     Theatre in the Round  |  2013

The Odd Couple  |  Vinnie
     Black Dirt Theater  |  2012

Directors worked with include

     Isabel Nelson (Promise Land, Emilie/Eurydice, ’Tis a Gift)

     Diogo Lopes (Promise Land, 105 Proof, These Old Shoes, Ash Land, The Odd Couple)

     Stephen Houtz (Bus Stop)

     Jimmy LeDuc (Denial)

     Laura Leffler (The Awakening)

     Hannah Holman (The Ravagers)

     Noah Bremer (Treasure Island, The Sparrow)

     Shanan Custer (The Underpants)

     Derek Lee Miller (The Privateer)

     Shelley Smith (What Guys REALLY Want)

Training includes

2-year course in Ensemble-Devised Physical Theatre (with Thomas Prattki), London International School of Performing Arts (Lispa), 2008-10

Acting / Scene Work  |  Raye Birk (The Actor's Workout), Candace Barrett, Shanan Custer

Staging intimacy  |  Tonia Sina

Clown  |  Angela de Castro, Jon Ferguson

On-Camera  |  Michele Hutchison

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