Jennifer Ann Rathsack

Last updated

July 3, 2019

Jennifer’s current news

July: Officially hosting for Double Dare now, though still assisting as Team Nick from time to time as well.

June: Driveway Tour is in full swing, and Katie Tomatie is being enjoyed in many front yards, backyards, parks, and driveways. Also training to Host for Double Dare at MoA.

May: Wrapping up performances of Peter Pan at Old Gem Theater, and starting performances with Open Eye Figure Theater's Driveway Tour.


Jennifer Rathsack is a theatre artist from Coon Rapids, MN, who graduated from Carleton College in 2015. While she majored in biology, the theatre has always held an important and special place in her heart. Her first acting experience was in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at Lyric Arts as a woodland creature, actually otter to be specific, back during the 4th grade. Her favorite part was getting killed in the battle scene and then being brought back to life. Since then she has worked in many aspects of theatre in high school, college, and beyond including set construction, costume making, choreographing, makeup design, stage managing, and puppet construction, while still continuing with her main passion for acting.


Jennifer Rathsack - Video Reel