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May 1, 2020

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Park Square Generals 2019


Hello! My name is Josh Palmer (Joshua Zapata-Palmer). I love falling up the stairs, running into walls, playing the ukulele until I forget what time it is, and dancing in my car at stop lights.

In my artistic life, I consider myself a creator of enthusiastic, collaborative, and playful theater and media arts as an actor, writer, teacher, and director. My favorite theatre credits include Motel (Fiddler on the Roof), Frizbee (Step on a Crack), and Clive (See How They Run). My favorite film credits include Bear (Orange Lighting Media), The Paper Jam (Bethel University), and Light Force (Eaglebrooke Church). 

I'm currently directing an original One Act with Farmington High School alongside Benjamin Domask called Click Here to Read More and regularly performing with the Clown Cabaret!



Joshua Palmer | Acting Reel 2018

Bear | Teaser Trailer

The Paper Jam



  • Fat Cat Fall - Bawa (Curiosita Collective)
  • Sketch Comedy - Ensemble (The Assembly)
  • May the Musical Be With You - Luke Skywalker (AYNE Productions)
  • A Tale of Two - Mime (Juggler & Mime)
  • The Non-Producers - Pursuivant/Leonatus (Trompe L'Oeil)
  • The Music Man - Harold Hill (Arts Garden)
  • BrainSTEM - Actor (National Theatre for Children)
  • Tom Sawyer - Actor/Director (Prairie Fire Children's Theatre)
  • Almost Instant Messaging - Francois (MN Renaissance Festival)
  • Gazebo Karaoke - DJ Jammin' Josh (Valleyfair)
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  - Judah (Heritage Players)
  • See How They Run - Clive (Bethel University)
  • Step on a Crack - Frizbee (Bethel University)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream - Demetrius (Bethel University)
  • Fiddler on the Roof - Motel (Bethel University)



  • Light Force - Principle (Eaglebrook Church)
  • Bear - Principle (Shadowglass Films)
  • Bright Angels Black Out - Principle (dir. Paul Hjellming)
  • On the Edge - Principle (dir. Ben Lyso)
  • The Paper Jam - Principle (dir. Joshua Palmer)
  • Daughter of Frankenstein - Support (Crashdown Productions)
  • Spark Plugs - Support (Eaglebrook Church)
  • Son of Man - Support (Shadowglass Films)
  • Hamlet - Laertes (dir. Sydney Greve)
  • Give Yourself a Raise - Spokesperson (ACR Homes)


Extra Training/Skills

  • Character, Clown, Presence - Neal Skoy, Butch Roy, Gary Parker, Jon Ferguson
  • Stage Combat - Richard Rees, Margaret Zauner, Luis Rosa
  • Voice Production - Shari Anderson, Jeffrey Madison, Marshall Urban
  • Mime - 6 yr. independent study, founded Juggler & Mime
  • Dialects - Southern, Brooklyn, RP, Cockney, French, Irish, Scottish, Midwest
  • Music - Percussion, Ukulele, Guitar, Piano
  • Dance - Character, Swing, Waltz, Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Tap
  • Other - Improv, Mask, Street, Juggling, Devising, Wearing Plaid

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