Julianna Drajko

Last updated

March 20, 2018


Julianna is a Hungarian actress living and working in the Twin Cities. Prior to her US arrival at the end of 2006, she worked as a professional actress in Budapest theatres, and traveled throughout Hungary with a Traveling Children's Theatre. Julianna appeared on camera throughout Europe including Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Great Britain. Since her move to Minnesota she earned a BA in Theatre Arts and Psychology from the U of M, appeared in a Fringe show, acted in several music videos, short films, and commercials, gave her voice to an award winning PSA, performed with the Children’s Theatre Company, and acted in four shows with Theatre Novi Most including a festival appearance in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her newfound passion is working at C.I.T. (Crisis Intervention Team) trainings as a crisis response actor where she utilizes her acting skills to help train law enforcement and health care professionals in de-escelation techniques.