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Kari Elizabeth Godfrey

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May 18, 2019


EXPERIENCE In addition to the shows listed below, Kari has been honing her craft and attaining experience on the stage since 1991. Post college, she was involved in several short films and local theatrical productions. In Los Angeles, she was a member of Theatre East, the longest running member supported theatre company in Los Angeles, at the time. Through workshops and productions at Theatre East, Kari developed a keen eye, an instinct and an intuition for character development and the dynamics of purposeful scene studies. Kari also was trained in the Meisner Method, crafting truth and reality from the art of listening. A Union actress, she is eligible for SAG budget projects. She brings her whole heart and mind to each production and professionally conducts each performance 100%. A team player and a hard worker, she brings a delight and presence to each character she plays. EDUCATION TRAINING AWARDS

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