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Katie Tuminelly

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January 23, 2018

Katie’s current news

Recently returned to Minnesota from the east coast. Katie is a Juilliard grad who is currently working on a one woman show based on the adventures of Blanch DuBois and her search for God in the loony bin.


Katie Tuminelly


[email protected]                          


The Juilliard School

CLYBOURNE PARK                                    Bev/Kathy                              Hal Brooks

MEDEA REDUX                                           Medea                                     Derek Lucci

A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM            Titania                                    Ralph Zito                 

PICNIC                                                          Rosemary Sidney                  Sarah Grace-Wilson 

NICKEL AND DIMED                                 Barbara                                  Drew Barr

FRIENDS IN TRANSIET PLACES            Lead                                        Evan Cabnet

MACBETH                                                    Lady Macbeth                        Ralph Zito     

HEARTS LIKE FISTS                                                                                  Evan Cabnet

MERCHANT OF VENICE                                                                           Gus Kiakkonen

IONESCOPADE                                                                                            Moni Yakim

A MONTH IN THE COUNRTY                                                                   Vivienne Benesh

BROADWAY                                                                                                 Becky Guy

GINT                                                                                                             Trazana Beverly

THE SEAGULL                                                                                            Richard Feldman

CYMBELINE                                                                                                Richard Feldman                                         

New York Theater

MEASURE FOR MEASURE                       Ensemble                   David Esbjornson

TWO ROOMS                                                Lainie Wells               Under St. Marks                       

LOVE SONG OF ELANOR PURDY           Eleanor                       Manhattan Th. Source            

HAMLET                                                       Gertrude                    Brooklyn Conservancy         

A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM            Titania                        Marymount Theatre          

EASTERN STANDARD                               May Logan                 American Theater of Actors

TWELFTH NIGHT                                       Feste                           Vital Theatre                      

TROILUS AND CRESSIDA                         Achilles                       Don’t Tell Mama

THE DUTCHESS OF MALFI                                                          St. Peter’s Theater

EXECUTIONER’S DAUGHTER                                                     Marymount Theatre            

THE CHERRY ORCHARD                                                              Impact Theatre                     

THE ONE EYED MAN IS KING                                                     Marymount Box       

KILL THE PRESIDENT                                                                  Abingdon Theatre    

DESIRE, DERSIRE, DESIRE                                                         Marymount Box



THE GOOD WIFE                                        Juror                           James Whitmore Jr.


Special Skills

Accomplished Clarinet Player.  Extensive fine dining knowledge. I’ve worked for many of America’s greatest Chefs. 



The Juilliard School: certificate of Acting

Marymount Manhattan College: BA          


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