Laura Wiebers

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February 29, 2020


"Laura Wiebers was impressive as the unflappable and unchangeable Seer." Stephanie Cranford, Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came

"Among the highlights are ... Laura Wiebers in a chilling portrait of a sociopath nurse." William Randall Beard, Murderess

"Played with subtlety and grace by Laura Wiebers." Matthew Everett, Trifles

"Laura Wiebers was fantastic in a role that could have been easily forgotten if in the hands of a less capable actor." Audience review, Dandelion Snow


Girl Shorts | Helena | Theatre Unbound (dir. Carolyn Levy)

Partial List of Credits:

The Birds | Diane | Theatre In The Round Players (dir. Seth Kaltwasser)
The Clean House | Ana | Theatre Unbound (dir. Carolyn Levy)
A Gertrude Stein Christmas | Henrietta | Minnesota Fringe Festival (dir. JK Phillips)
Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came | Seer | Six Elements Theatre (dir. Philip Henry)
Silkworms | Teresa | Theatre Unbound (dir. Isabel Nelson)
Lost | Alice | Theatre Unbound (dir. Cheryl Moore Brinkley)
Medea and Jason | Hera | Flower Shop Project (dir. Brenna Jones)
Murderess | Jane Toppan | Theatre Unbound (dir. Mishia Edwards)
Mint | Bethany | Flower Shop Project (dir. Brenna Jones)
9x9x9 | Lisbeth | Flower Shop Project (dir. Brenna Jones)
Henry V | Alice | Theatre In The Round Players (dir. Craig Johnson)
Love’s Prick | Celia | Outward Spiral Theatre Company (dir. Todd Hughes)
Frankenstein Incarnate | Godwin | Theatre Unbound (dir. Carin Bratlie)
The Anastasia Trials | Donna, Shura | Theatre Unbound (dir. Rebecca Rizzio)
DB Cooper Didn’t Die | Helpful Neighbor | Minnesota Fringe Festival (dir. Erica Christ)
The Tempest | Alonzo | Theatre Unbound (dir. Carin Bratlie)
Trifles | Mrs. Hale | Theatre Unbound (dir. Lindsay Goss)
Lodge Magic | Nancy | Minnesota Fringe Festival (dir. Dennis Behl)
Bits and Pieces | Helen | Theatre Unbound (dir. Carin Bratlie)
Dandelion Snow | Claire | Minnesota Fringe Festival (dir. Brendan Parry)
The Changed Brides | Lyon | Ebullient Theatre Company (dir. Erik Abbott)
Grand Opening | Catherine | Lyric Theatre (dir. Joseph Sadowski)

On Camera:
"Overachievers" Web Series, Wonderlust Productions (dir. Alan M. Berks and Leah Cooper)

iDream.TV, “Big River Journey," SSB Training Modules
State of Minnesota, Employee training module     
Minnesota Council on Disability, “Keep Moving Forward” Series
Commercial Demo

Audio Description:
Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theatre Company, History Theatre, Ordway Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Park Square Theatre, Walking Shadow Theatre Company, SteppingStone Theatre, Exposed Brick Theatre, Combustible Theatre, Walker Art Center, Minnesota Museum of American Art, Bell Museum, iDream.TV, Minnesota Fringe Festival, invited speaker at the American Council of the Blind’s National Conference

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