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Linda Berglund

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February 27, 2021


Linda Berglund was born in Cumberland, Wisconsin to Lois (Schwartz), a home-maker, who, in addition to  raising a family of seven, is an avid vegetable and flower gardener, an extremely talented artist and cook; and to Carl Berglund, (now deceased) who worked for the city of Cumberland and was a constant seeker of knowledge, and encouraged free thinking and a strong curiosity about life. She has five older brothers and one sister.

Linda developed a passion for acting and the creative process at a very young age, when performing in school skits, creating in art classes and growing up in a very creative house-hold.  Her formal study began while attending the University of Wisconsin River Falls, where she began to develop her skills as part of the Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts program.  Highlights at UWRF were performances in Hopscotch as Elsa and The Ugly Duckling as Dulcibella Carlo directed by Christina Turi, The White Paper Play  as Epiphone directed by Eric Quam and in Antigone as Ismene directed by Joshua Will. Linda subsequently transferred to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (focusing on film and art) with a broad area major covering Theatre, Art and Film studies.

After graduating from UW-Milwaukee, Linda moved to St. Paul, Minnesota and began studying with Cynthia Uhrich.  While in MN, Linda performed in nimbus theatre's 2005 production of Minnehaha Ave. as Ellen.  She then moved to Los Angeles, California and continued her training with Allen Feinstein, Paul Tuerpe and Jeff Cohen. In California, Linda worked with directors from Chapman University and the New York Film Academy in numerous shorts including Significant Other, SNAFU and Love, Older....Jack & Martha.  

After a brief move to Shreveport, Louisiana, Linda returned to St. Paul, MN.  Her most recent works include Nathan Hoffman's short Telephone, Braydn Walker's short Unheard and Cynthia Uhrich's Gode Green.



Linda Berglund Demo Reel



Telephone: Lucy/Lead Independent (dir. Nathan Hoffman) Minneapolis, MN

Unaccepted: Nikki/Lead Independent (dir. Jabari Thomas) Shreveport, LA

Passing Time: Sarah/Lead Independent (dir. Braun Keith) Los Angeles, CA

Dead Man Walking: Diane/Lead NY Film Academy (dir. Dylan Greiss) Los Angeles, CA

Significant Other: MIA/Lead Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo) Orange, CA

Unheard: Mary/Principal MCTC (dir. Braydn Walker) Minneapolis MN

Love…Older: Nurse/Principal Zaha Productions (dir. Zaid Abu Hamdan) Los Angeles, CA

Boys in the Hood: Emily/Principal Bandit Films (dir. Anthony Falleroni) Los Angeles, CA

Between the Shadows: Joanna/Principal Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo) Orange, CA

As Far as Diamonds: Boy’s Mom/Principal NY Film Academy (dir. Bruno Miotto) Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Dreaming: Casting Agent/Principal NY Film Academy (dir. Miguel Plopschi) Los Angeles, CA

Will You Be There: Veterinarian/Principal NY Film Academy (dir. Jill Lei) Los Angeles, CA

SNAFU: Valerie/Principal Chapman University (dir. Andrew Merrill) Orange, CA

Code Green: Supporting/ In the Moment Films (dir. Cynthia Uhrich) St. Paul, MN

Pearl: Zelda/Supporting Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo) Orange, CA


Saree-ously Speaking? Uff Da!: Barb, Mollywood Productions, (dir. Robert Permenter) St. Paul, MN

The Vagina Monologues: My Short Skirt, Reclaiming Cunt, Barron County Domestic Abuse Project (dir. Nichole Kathol), Rice Lake, WI

Two Rooms: Lanie, JCG Collaborations (dir. Jerelyn Gilstrap), Shreveport, LA

7 Deadly Sins: Barb Van Eddy, various, Next Stage Theatre (dir. Chris Berube), Hollywood, CA

Minnehaha Avenue: Ellen, nimbus theatre (dir. Liz Neerland), Minneapolis, MN

Chasing Glory: Mika, Theatre Limina-Summer Shorts (dir. Cynthia Uhrich), Minneapolis, MN

Solid Gold Cadillac: Delilah Brookfield, Lex-Ham Community Theatre (dir. Lori Ness), St. Paul, MN

Antigone: Ismene, UW-River Falls (dir. Joshua Will), River Falls, WI

Hopscotch: Elsa, UW-River Falls (dir. Christina Turi), River Falls, WI

Random Axe: Various, Improvisation Group, River Falls, WI

Sane’s Insanity: Laura, Java Theatre (dir. Linda Berglund), River Falls, WI


Bachelor of Fine Arts –Theater, Film and Art University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Meisner Technique - Rich Remedios

Advanced Acting/Scene Study, Audition Technique: Cynthia Uhrich, In the Moment Workshop, St. Paul, MN

Improv 101 and 201, Improv for Actors: John Haynes, The Creative Institute, St. Paul, MN

Commercial Acting Technique, Advanced Film Scene Study : Bill Cooper, Minneapolis, MN

Advanced Film Scene Study: Darcel White-Moreno, Darcel MorenoTalent, Shreveport, LA

Advanced Scene Study, On-camera and Audition Technique: Alan Feinstein & Paul Tuérpé, The Alan Feinstein Acting Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Vocal technique, Scene Study: Jeffrey Cohen, The Compelling Voice, Los Angeles, CA

Voice Over Technique: Larry Russo, Voice Acting Workshop, Minneapolis, MN


Improvisation, alto, voice over training, can mimic cat/kitten/other basic animals, can learn basic choreography/movement, proficient in drawing and painting, familiar with office equipment, proficient in cooking and baking, general knowledge of carpentry, proficient in cycling, proficient in fishing, able to drive standard transmission

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