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Logan Rodgers

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May 1, 2020


Logan Rodgers is a Twin Cities and Los Angeles Actor, Playwright, and Visual Artist.

Recently in Los Angeles he has appeared in background the television show Stumptown on ABC. His first film role was a featured extra (Valet) in the movie "Lapham Rising" directed by Charlie Kessler.

Studying at the University of Minnesota in the Theatre Arts and Dance Performance Creation Track he has performed and written shows at the Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School, Swandive Theatre, The Southern Theater, Playwrights' Center, and the Univeristy of Minnesota. Performances include: "The Narrator" in The Rocky Horror Show (Pim Arts), Borders' Guy in The Aleph Complex by Deborah Yarchun (Swandive Theatre), "Benedick" in Much Ado About Nothing (University of Minnesota). Plays include: The Adventures of Angry Man and Lotion Boy Show (Broken Shoe Lace), Radio Space (The Southern/University of Minnesota), and Parents, More Like Fuck (Playwrights' Center/Univeristy of Minnesota). Logan also appears in the web series Loose Ends.
When not working a show Logan freelances as a visual artist who has had their work displayed in a variety of shows and coffee shops around the cities, and has had their work reviewed by other professionals in the field ranging from fellow freelancers to artists from Marvel comics.
Logan also has experience in audio/media editing and rigging, having done work calls at venues including The GuthriePim Arts High School,The SouthernMixed Blood Theatre, Barbara B. Barker Center, and Rarig Center.


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