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Mackenzie Rasmus

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April 25, 2022

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Mackenzie will flying back to the Twin Cities to reprise his role as Screech in The Saved By The Bell Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. The show runs May 6th - 14th and tickets can be purchased at https://www.bryantlakebowl.com/theater/danas-boys-presents-the-saved-by-...


Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Mackenzie grew up learning from some of the best actors in the Minneapolis theater scene. From 2007- 2014, Mackenzie worked in such theaters as Old Log Theatre, Guthrie Theater, Childrens Theater Company, and Torch Theater. In 2014, Mackenzie moved to California to study acting at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). During his time at CalArts, Mackenzie worked in the theater, film, and voice-over realms. Some selected credits from this period include Shadowlands (2018), Neighbors (2018), Peer Gynt (2017), and Our Iliad (2017). Almost immediately after graduation, Mackenzie was selected as Americorps' 2018 Scholar for On-Camera Performance. Mackenzie has worked with such groups as Walt Disney Imagineering, Community Arts Partnership (CAP), and Center for New Performance. 


In 2022, Mackenzie has joined the cast of Wild West Chronicles (Peacock) for their second season, industrials for Interstate Batteries and has several unannounced projects on the horizon.


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