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Mitch Geiken

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January 18, 2019


Mitch Geiken is an actor in the Twin Cities.  He is a graduate of the University of Northwestern, St. Paul, where he recieved a degree in Ministry with an emphasis in Theater.  Some of his most recent roles have been Dobchinsky, in The Government Inspector at Theater in the Round Balder, in Snow White and the Seven Vikings at Old Log Theatre.  Park Square Generals 2019


Dobchinsky  The Government Inspector  Theater in the Round

Dogberry  Much Ado About Nothing  Bad Mime Productions

Balder  Snow White and The Seven Vikings  Old Log Theater

George  Godspell  Cross Community Players

The Cat In The Hat Seussical The Musical  Bunce Backyard Productions

Edward Ferras  Sense and Sensibility  University of Northwestern, St. Paul

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