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Nicole Goeden

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April 16, 2021


Nicole is an actor and singer who returned to Minnesota after several years living and performing in D.C., Chicago, and the U.K. Minnesota companies she has worked with include Theatre Pro Rata, Nimbus Theatre, Swandive Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Classical Actors Ensemble, Open Window Theatre, Chameleon Theatre Circle, Arts' Nest, Shakespeare & Company, and The Rest of Us. Nicole is a company member of Illinois-based Stone Soup Shakespeare and has toured with them five times, performing in parks throughout the Midwest. Nicole holds a B.A. in Theatre from College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University and a M.A. in Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, U.K.



The Canopic Jar of My Sins || Ralph Wiley || Swandive Theatre, MN

My Sister in This House || Isabelle || Theatre Pro Rata, MN

Stranded on Earth || Alexa || Swandive Theatre, MN

The River Becomes Sea || Margaret || Nimbus Theatre, MN

Measure for Measure || Mariana/Juliet/Barnardine || Theatre Unbound, MN

An Odyssey Backwards and in Heels || Reluctant Cougar/Bridesmaid || Minnesota Fringe - The Rest of Us, MN

The Taming of the Shrew* || Bianca/Tranio || Stone Soup Shakespeare, IL

Mere Trifles || Mrs. Peters/Sabrina || Theatre Unbound, MN

The Merchant of Venice || Nerissa || Classical Actors Ensemble, MN

Volpone || Lady Politic || Classical Actors Ensemble, MN

The Comedy of Errors* || Dromio of Ephesus/Dromio of Syracuse || Stone Soup Shakespeare, IL

Everyman || Everyman 2/Beauty/Angel || Open Window Theatre, MN

As You Like It* || Celia || Stone Soup Shakespeare, IL

Servant of Two Masters || Beatrice || Shakespeare & Company, MN

The Tempest* || Miranda || Chameleon Theatre Circle, MN

The Ruby (Director’s Gym) || Ruby || Theatre Unbound, MN

An Evening with Krampus || Eva/Ensemble || Arts’ Nest, MN

A Midsummer Night’s Dream* || Hermia/Snout || Stone Soup Shakespeare, IL

Love’s Labour’s Lost  || Rosaline || Bad Attitude Productions, MN

The Tempest* || Trinculo/Alonso || Stone Soup Shakespeare, IL

King Lear (all-female cast) || Edgar || Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Love’s Labour’s Lost (excerpt) || Katharine || Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Education, England

As You Like It  || Celia || Shakespeare & Company, MN

Scape || Helen || Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

I Can Get Along Without Shoes on My Feet || Marla/Neil || On The Verge Festival, Scotland

The Indian Princess || Pocahontas || Schlock Entertainment, IL

The Foreigner || Catherine || Little Theatre of Alexandria, VA

A Brief Period of Time (one act) || Cindy || Port City Playhouse, VA

*denotes touring production


Awakening || Lead || Ravenstream Productions

Master Servant || Lead || Ravenstream Productions

Hello || Lead || Kobamm Productions

It Was You || Lead || DoWimity Productions (Z-Fest)

Distortion || Supporting || Colliding Pictures (Z-Fest)

Details || Supporting || Colliding Pictures (Z-Fest)


Conflicts available upon request.

Agency Representation: 

  • Ruggiero Models and Talent
  • NUTS
  • Moore Creative Talent
  • The Peak Agency


M.A. Classical & Contemporary Text - Acting || Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

B.A. Theatre, Music Minor || College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University



  • Nadine George technique (Bill Wright)
  • Globe Theatre vocal training (Alex Bingley)

Singing (Soprano):

  • Classical training (Private lessons 7 years, Choir 18 years)


  • Lecoq (Bob Rosen, Mark Saunders, Lucien MacDougall/Benedicte Seierup)
  • Globe Theatre movement training (Kate Sagovsky)
  • Ensemble work masterclasses (Jon Ferguson, Ewan Downie, Anna-Helena McLean, Aquila Theatre Company, International Theatre Collective)

Stage Combat:

  • Unarmed training (Dan Klarer)
  • Dagger training (Marc Silberschatz)

Improv: John Haynes

Meisner: Rich Remedios

Shakespeare: Nick Hutchison - Globe Theatre, Kate Powers, Susan Hart/Jeffrey Carlson

Chekhov: Eve Jamieson

On-Camera: Michelle Hutchison, LJ Johnson, Barbara “Babs” Shelton

Voiceover: Beth Chaplin/Tom Hambleton

SPECIAL SKILLS                                                                                                   

Singing, Guitar (Beginner), Yoga, Cartwheels, Whistling, Great with children, Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Current U.S. passport and driver’s license
Dialects: American Midwest, American Southern, Cockney, Irish, RP, Scottish

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