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Raúl Arámbula

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January 13, 2019


Raúl Arámbula is an actor from Monterrey, Mexico. He moved to the Twin Cities in August 2016 and has experience working in theater, film, voice acting, and radio both in Mexico and in the United States. Raúl is also a proficient writer and has written several scripts for short films. Given his background, Raúl is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently and also counts with experience in stage combat. In addition to acting, theater and film, Raúl is interested in photography, music, cooking, travel, and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Raúl has participated in several productions such as: Coco's Latinidad: An Immigrant Thanksgiving; Light Years; Romeo and Juliet; Biloxi Blues; An Enemy of the People; Treasure Island; The Farse of Peter Pathelin; and A Christmas Carol.




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