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Rachel Perry

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February 23, 2019


Rachel was drawn to the theatre and all things creatively in the land of North Dakota(yes it is a real place!!! crazy right?) She started takeing voice lessons when her neighbor heard her singing along to Queen and offered to take her on as a student in her studio. This opened Rachel to a new world of oppertunities and new ways to express herself.

When it was time to go to school Rachel decided to go to the University of North Dakota to get a BFA in Musical Theatre. While at school she found new people to work with and fell in love with how theatre can effect people around you. Along with honing in her skills on stage with singing, dancing, and acting Rachel also found out she found joy in Stage management and Costume Design. 

Rachel moved to the Twin cities a few years ago and is just astonded by all of the amazing talent that is in the city. In her time since college Rachel has learned that if you do anything with joy, care, and love then the outcome will be the most rewarding. She looks forward to the adventures that are sure to come her way!