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Raul Arambula

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January 23, 2018


Raul Arambula is an actor, playwright, screenwriter, and also a licenced attorney from Mexico. He moved to the Twin Cities in August 2016 to pursue a JD degree and is looking to graduate in May 2018. Raul has experience working on theater, film, voice-work, and radio. In addition, he is also passionate about writing and has written a few scripts and is currently developing a play. His experience as a lawyer has given him the opportunity to travel and to meet people from different backgrounds; he has experience working in Tax Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, and International Public Law. He is currently interested in exploring Business Law and Entertainment Law to help artists, providing a trustworthy and loyal service for them to showcase their work to an audience.

He is also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish and has worked as an actor in Mexico, Canada, Kenya, and in the United States. He has acted in several plays such as Treasure Island, An Enemy of the People, Biloxi Blues, Romeo and Juliet, Light Years, and the radio show Coco's Latinidad: An Immigrant Thanksgiving.



  • Coco's Latinidad: An Immigrant Thanksgiving - Various Roles - Teatro del Pueblo
  • Light Years - Michael - Hamline University
  • Romeo and Juliet - Romeo - St. Catherine's University
  • Sgt. Toomey - Biloxi Blues - Tec of Monterrey
  • Dr. Thomas Stockmann - An Enemy of the People - Tec of Monterrey
  • Raising Delirious Sacks - Zusfa - Independent Theater Co.
  • Treasure Island - Morgan - Tec of Monterrey
  • The Three Little Pigs - Boss - Tec of Monterrey
  • The Farse of Peter Pathelin - Peter Pathelin - Independent Theater Co.
  • A Christmas Carol - Young Scrooge - Independent Theater Co.


  • Pluto's Diet - Jorge - Tec of Monterrey
  • The Ninis - Reggie - Tec of Monterrey
  • The Russian Doll - Pablo - Tec of Monterrey
  • Hector and the Search for Happines - Student - Egoli Tossell Film/Erfttal Film
  • Never Said - Santiago - University of British Columbia
  • Man - Destello - University of British Columbia
  • Pan/Ren/Bo - Crescendo - University of British Columbia
  • Hymnuxw - Hymn Skysew - University of British Columbia
  • Mixer - Frank - University of British Columbia
  • Split Stills - David - University of British Columbia
  • Id - Id - Tec of Monterrey


  • The Actors Workout - The Guthrie Theater - Raye Birke
  • Margolis Method Masterclass - The Guthrie Theater - Kari Margolis
  • Personal Monologue - The Guthrie Theater - Candace Barrett
  • Acting Workshop - The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Mark Knowles
  • Intensive On Camera Workshop - Shoreline Actor Studios - Vivi Leacock
  • The Mindful Actor Workshop - Missy Cross: Voice & Acting - Missy Cross
  • Acting & Voice Coaching - Missy Cross: Voice & Acting - Missy Cross
  • Intro to Meisner Technique - Tec of Monterrey - Alejandro Cantu
  • Pantomime - Tec of Monterrey - Daniel Ontiveros
  • Theater and Improv - Tec of Monterrey - Diego C. Heinrichs

Skills: Law degree, have worked as a lawyer; fluent in Spanish; experience in stage combat, fencing, boxing, and sword fighting.


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