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Samm Nordstrom

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January 6, 2020
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  • Instrumentalist
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  • Sound designer
  • Video/Projection designer
  • Board operator
  • Stage manager
  • Spotlight operator
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Samm Nordstrom is an actor and technician currently located in the Twin Cities. Samm fell in love with theatre at the age of 12 and started pursuing it in his education. Samm attended St. Cloud State University from 2011 until 2016 where he honed his skills as an actor and learned he also had a knack for working behind the curtain as well. He got his start in professional theatre while still a senior in college starting out running lights, sound, and video for a number of music events at the Pioneer Place as well as Carnival Revolver and The Veranda Variety Hour. After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts with a General Emphasis he continued to work with Pioneer Place as a Stage Manager, Board/Spot op, and actor on shows like The 39 Steps, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Wizard of Progress. Slowly he began to build connections with other theatres in the Twin Cities area including Theatre Elision and Park Square Theatre. Recently he was lucky enough to be involved with his first Fringe show as a sound designer in the well-received [Enter The Narrator]. Samm is still new to the Twin Cities theatre community but with his hard work and natural ability is building a place for himself to shine. He hopes he'll be able to work with you soon.


Samm Nordstrom

6’2’’– 210 lbs – Light Brown – Green – Baritenor


  • Show Title                                 Role             Company                 Director
  • LEAVING IOWA                            Dad                   Pioneer Place Theatre    Jay Tarry
  • PUTNAM SPELLING BEE   William Barfée   Pioneer Place Theatre    Jeffrey Bleam
  • WIZARD OF PROGRESS         Pearson/Bailiff  Pioneer Place Theatre     Jay Tarry
  • HAIR                                          Woof                St. Cloud State University  Jeffrey Bleam
  • ART IS FREE                     Riot Police      St. Cloud State University  Carol Cooley & Jen Tuder
  • HAMLEIT                            Clown 2          St. Cloud State University  Tyler Haugen
  • 4H-CLUB                            Bob                 St. Cloud State University  Tyler Haugen



  • RED HOT (LOVER)            Barney                   Independent                  Chris Dritsas


  • ROMEO & JULIET                           Run Crew                   Park Square Theatre
  • THE AGATATORS                           Run Crew                    Park Square Theatre
  • OF MICE AND MEN                        Run Crew                    Park Square Theatre        
  • GOBLIN MARKET                           Tech Manager             Theatre Elision                                            
  • [ENTER THE NARRATOR]             Sound Designer          MN Fringe                                                
  • RAGTIME WOMEN                         Tech Manager             Theatre Elision                                           
  • WHO'S AFRAID OF VIR...               ASM/ Stage Hand       Pioneer Place Theatre Company             
  • LAUGHING ALL THE WAY VII        ASM/ Spot Op             Pioneer Place Theatre Company             
  • THE 39 STEPS                               Stage Manager            Pioneer Place Theatre Company              
  • LAUGHING ALL THE WAY VI         ASM                            Pioneer Place Theatre Company            
  • LAUGHING ALL THE WAY V          Switcher Board Op      Pioneer Place Theatre Company           


St. Cloud State University

        BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEATRE, August 2016

Studies include: Acting, Sound Design, Light, Sound, & Switcher Board Operation, Stage Management, Minor Light and Scenic Crew Training, Camera Acting.



        High School Diploma, June 2011


Improvisation, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Percussion, Harmonica, Some Piano, Some Banjo, Video Editing, Sprinting, Driver’s License.