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Sandra Struthers

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January 8, 2020




     Hair:  Red

     Eyes:  Blue

     Height:  5’4’’

     Weight:  120

New York Theater

      THE GLASS CAGE                         Elspie               Mint Theatre

     JB                                                   Sarah               J City Theater

      MY BASE AND SCURVY HEART    Angie               Studio 42

      THE EROTIC DIARY…                  Meep               Studio 42

Regional Theater

     THE CRITIC                                 Actress 2                      Guthrie Theater / Shakespeare Theater DC

     REAL INSPECTOR HOUND         Felicity                          Guthrie Theater / Shakespeare Theater DC

      KING LEAR                                   Regan                          Ten Thousand Things

      WHALE                                         Mrs. Soderstrom           Mpls. Children’s Theater Co. 

      HAMLET                                        Gertrude                       Park Square Theater

      FAR AWAY                                    Joan                             Pillsbury House Theater

      PROOF                                         Catherine                      John Hassler Theater

      GLENSHEEN                                Jennifer                         History Theater

      RADIO MAN                                  Mary Louise                  History Theater

      GANGSTER MUSICAL                 Dolores Delaney            History Theater

      OUTSIDE MULLINGAR                 Rosemary                      Old Log Theater

      6 CHARACTERS IN SEARCH…    Mother                         Wonderlust Productions

      THE 39 STEPS                               Pamela/Annabella        Sidekick Theater

      MACBETH                                      Witch                             Minnesota Shakespeare Project

      SELF-DEFENSE                             Chastity/Jean                Frank Theater

      THREE PENNY OPERA                  Dolly                             Frank Theater

      SUNDAY IN THE PARK...                Betty/Female u/s           Theater Latte Da

      DRACULA                                         Mina/Lucy                    Alabama Shakespeare Festival

      THE COMFORT TEAM                  Marcia Lowe                   Virginia Stage Company

      THE GREAT GATSBY                     Myrtle Wilson                 Virginia Stage Company

      PAINTING CHURCHES                  Mags                               Walking the Dog Theater      

      STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE      Stella                              Walnut Street Theater

      AH, WILDERNESS!                         Norah                              Baltimore CenterStage

      DRACULA                                         Lucy                              Actors Theatre of Louisville

      THE THREE SISTERS                     Irina (u/s)                      American Repertory Theater

On Camera & Commercial/Industrial  Upon Request


MFA , American Repertory Theatre / Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT) Institute at Harvard University, 2006

     Acting: Robert Woodruff, Scott Zigler, Marcus Stern, Sam Weisman; Movement/Acrobatics: Andrei Droznin, Andrei Schukin

     Voice / Shakespeare: Nancy Houfek, David Hammond;  Singing: Neil Semer 

New York Studios:   Clown: Christopher Bayes    Improv: Magnet Theater

New England Conservatory – Bachelor of Muisc Candidate in Classical Vocal Performance


Singing (soprano); Dialects; Clown; Improv; Mask; Puppetry; Stage Combat; Fencing; working knowledge piano & trumpet; African Drumming; Basic African  & Balinese Dance, Ballet, Tango; Basic Trapeze, Ear Prompter; Intermed. French, French/US Citizen; 2 yrs. Divinity School





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