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Sarah DeYong

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January 26, 2020

Sarah’s current news

Accepted Roles: 

Daddy Long Legs (Jerusha U/S) with Minneapolis Music Theatre -- *U/S performance on Feb 21

Mame (Agnes Gooch) with Artistry Theatre


Past Projects (recent - 2019):

A New Brain (Nancy D/Waitress) with Artistry Theatre

Sisters of Swing (Maxene Andrews) with Maplewood Historical Society

Candide in concert (Cunegonde cover) with Theater Latté Da

She Loves Me (Amalia) with Artistry Theatre


Sarah DeYong is a non-union singer and actress in the Twin Cities area. She earned her bachelor of music in Musical Theatre from Oklahoma City University. She works professionally on both stage and screen.


Sarah DeYong Live Performance Reel - February 2019