Sif Oberon

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September 16, 2022


Sif began cultivating theatrical skills on the family farm, while singing and performing for audiences of dairy cows. (It was said these performances were very moo-ving).  After graduating high school, they moved up North and earned a B.A. in Theatre and music minor from the University of MN Duluth. While there, Sif performed in opera, operetta, musicals, straight theatre, children's theatre, improv, and also directed, music directed, composed, worked as a teaching artist, and played in pits. 

After years in various theatrical venues, they took on a new challenge: performing in the land of heatstroke and outdoor privies, debuting in 2017 at the MN Renaissance Festival. Shortly thereafter, Sif moved to Minneapolis, and is currently a member of Ring of Keys, a queer+ theatre collective.

With a skillset including: music, singing, writing, martial arts, juggling, improv, and dirt, who knows what might come next?


Sif Oberon (they/them)



  • 46 Ladies                                       Ensemble                        Shanan Custer/Theatre Pro Rata
  • Balloonacy                                      ‘Old Man’/Puppeteer      Lakeshore Players Theatre
  • Troilus & Cressida                         Troilus                                Phoenix Theatre/Emma VanVactor-Lee
  • Remy Raygun...Space Brigade  Skip/Terry                        MN Fringe/Kyle Dekker
  • Lend Me a Tenor                             Diana                                 Duluth Playhouse/Michael Kraklio
  • Treasure Island                               Jim Hawkins                    Wise Fool/Chani Ninneman
  • 1984                                                     Syme                                 The Underground/Robert Lee
  • Time Stands Still                             Mandy Bloom                 Duluth Playhouse/Julie Ahasay            
  • Jekyll and Hyde                               Hyde, Poole, Various     The Underground/Jonathan Manchester


Improvisation/Stage Combat

  • Human Combat Chess                 Queen’s Bishop Pawn      HCC/Mike Lubke
  • Throne of Swords Troupe             Feste the Fool*                  MN Ren. Festival/Katrina Radcliffe
  • Renegade Improv                           Improv Player                   Renegade Theatre Company


  • Mozart's Magic Flute                  Papageno                         Pickup Truck/Taous Khazem
  • Godspell (cancelled - covid)      Jesus                                Century College/Paul Aberasturi
  • The Clemency of Tito                  Annio                                  Mixed Precipitation/Scotty Reynolds
  • Mary Poppins                               Mary Poppins                     Sauk River Players/Marit Elliott
  • Ruddigore                                     Zorah, Rose (cover)           The Underground/Jeffrey Madison
  • Mozart’s Magic Flute                Queen of the Night             University of MN Duluth/Alice Pierce
  • The Wizard of Oz                         Wicked Witch                     Sauk River Players/Marit Elliott
  • Into the Woods                            Cinderella                           Sauk River Players/Marit Elliott
  • The Sound of Music                   Maria Von Trapp                 Sauk River Players/Marit Elliott
  • Once Upon a Mattress              The Jester                           Marit Elliot Auditorium/Marit Elliott

Children’s Theatre

  • Flora & Ulysses                                Ulysses                                   Lyric Arts/Paul Coate
  • The Jungle Book                             Shere Khan                            Duluth Playhouse/Lacy Habdas
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox                            Badger/Narrator                  Duluth Playhouse/Robert Lee

Education & Training: University of Minnesota Duluth, B.A. Theatre, Music Minor

  • Voice: Rachel Inselman, Marcus McConico
  • Dance: LilaAnn White (ballet), basic jazz & tap


  • Basic juggling, Piano (intermediate), Flute (intermediate), Guitar (basic), Ukulele (basic)
  • Languages: German (intermediate), Spanish (basic) Tae Kwon Do (2nd degree black belt); Nunchaku skills
  • *Recipient of the Cracked Cup Award for Best New Performer

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