Sofia Lindgren Galloway

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July 15, 2018

Sofia Lindgren’s current news

I'm currently creating a new play about women and non-binary pirates. It is an adaptation of a story from a children's book about a princess who runs off and becomes one of the most feared pirates on the seven seas. That tale is based on the Hasidic story "The King and the Emperor."  Over the last several months, I've been workshopping the piece with with the most insightful, talented, and funny femmes I could find. When asked for three words to describe the piece, my wonderful collaborators said: adventure, utopian, choral, clever, independent, freedom, fantastical, femme power, tender, f*** the patriarchy, f*** the binary, and pirates (of course). 


Sofia is a director and educator who has worked with Ten Thousand Things, The Jungle Theatre, Frank Theatre, Collective Unconscious Performance, Little Lifeboats, 20% Theatre, Lyric Arts of Anoka, Stages Theatre Company, Shakespearean Youth Theatre, and Theatre Pro Rata. Sofia graduated with distinction from St. Olaf College with a degree in Theatre, and a minor in Education. She is also the Community Outreach Programs Coordinator at The Bakken Museum.