Stephen F. Murray

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May 1, 2020
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Stephen F. Murray was the founding Artistic Director of Promethean Theatre Ensemble. He also served as the Assistant Artistic Director of Strawdog Theatre Company and the resident director of Lost Note Theatre. Other companies he has directed with include the side project, Redtwist Theater, City Lit Theater, Bailiwick Repertory, 500 Clown, Oracle Theatre, Forward Theatre Company, and Music Theatre of Madison, . He directed The Darling Children which participated in the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival. His productions won best of festival honors for the inaugural City Lit Art of Adaptation Festival (2007) and the Speaking Ring Theatre Vitality Fest IV (2006).


Selected Directing Credits


THE DARLING CHILDREN                                   NY International Fringe Festival, August 2008, New York, NY

OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD                                       Promethean Theatre Ensemble, March/April 2007, Chicago, IL

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW                   City Lit Theatre, October 2010 & 2011, Chicago, IL

SPRING AWAKENING                                           Promethean Theatre Ensemble, April 2010, Chicago, IL

GEPPETTO                                                             Broom Street Theater, April 2017, Madison, WI

KNOWLEDGE WORKER                                        Forward Theater Company’s Monologue Festival, September 2016, Madison, WI

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND BARON VON STEUBEN VS. THE PAINE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD                                                       TAPIT New Works, May 2016, Madison, WI

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS & THE BIG POTATAS        Oracle Theatre Company B-Sides, June 2012, Chicago, IL

GEPPETTO                                                             In the Works residency at the Chicago Cultural Center, February 2014, Chicago, IL

MARK TWAIN: Patriot Teacher, Philosopher          St. Sebastian Players, February 2012, Chicago, IL

LAER’S LAST PRAYER                                          Ghostlight Productions, July 2011, Chicago, IL

DRAMATIC TWERP                                               Oracle Theatre Company, October 2009, Chicago, IL

GADZOOKS! CINDERELLA                                  Mercury Players Theatre, December 2015, Madison, WI

LEAR’S LAST                                                         Bailiwick Director’s Festival, June 2008, Chicago, IL

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER                       City Lit Art of Adaptation Festival, August 2007, Chicago, IL

ALICE                                                                     (reading) Music Theatre Madison, September 2015, Madison, WI