Theresa McConnon

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April 16, 2019

Theresa’s current news

In April 2019, I performed as an AA member in the film, Glass Bottom, Directed by Nathan Block, with Distant Calling Pictures.  I also played an office worker in a promotional video for a non-profit organization, Scholarship America, with Uptop Films.  

In February, 2019 I completed performing a leading role in a feature film, An Alternative, with internationally acclaimed Director Jake Yuzna. I also played the role of a solo Improv Actor with MONO in a live event used to recruit interns.

Local Celebrity experience; I played a legend character,"Klondike Kate" for the St. Paul Winter Carnival for the year of 2016, which included over 250 appearances. Klondike Kate is Singer/Entertainer, a victorian era saloon singer with plenty of sass who brings joy and merriment to all she meets. I designed my own costumes, make up, and wigs. Throughout that year, I performed at various public functions including,coronations, festivals, parades, fundraisers, nursing homes, schools and military events locally and nationally: Highlights included the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago, Royal Ball in Bradenton Florida, National Anthem at a St Paul Saints game and the Ordway Theatre before the show "Paint the Wagon.


Stage Experience:  I have performed in several productions at the following twin cities theatres: Zephyr Theatre, Lakeshore Players, Ashland Productions, Lexington/Hamline Theatre,Locally Grown Theatre, and St. Luke's Community Theatre.

Pro Crisis:  Improv Actor for training scenarios portraying persons with mental illness used to train law enforcement and corrections staff  

Film: An Alternative-feature film-Directed by Jake Yuzna; Oh My Stars Directed by Cynthia Uhrich; Wilson- feature film-Directed by Craig Johnson; End of the Tour- feature film, Directed by James Ponsoldt.  


Video:   A Time For Expression, Directed by Beth Freschi; Journey for a Sports Fan, Directed by Kyle Russell for the Univerisity of MN; The Legendary St. Paul Winter Carnival, role of Klondike Kate, produced by Twin Cities PBS.

Voiceover: Undertone Music: Recorded voice commands for software voice recognition on smart phones and cars

Training:  Beginning On-Camera Class & individual coaching with Ellie Abrams; The Actor as a Business, Casey E. Lewis; Voice Over training at Undertone Music with Beth Chapilin and Tom Hambleton; Emerging Artists Training-Ordway Theatre; Acting classes with actor John Woehrle; Vocal Lessons, Teresa Tierney; Voice training, Brett Schrier; Audition Master Class-John Miller-Stephany, Guthrie Theatre; Beginning Improv-Stevie Ray's School of Improv; Extensivie training in portraying mental illness symptoms and scenarios used for for training purposes; Critical Incident Response Training. 


Special Skills:  Singer: Mezzo with strong belt; Dancer: tap jazz, modern; voice over, live events, social worker, prison guard, weapons & tear gas training, whistler, mixologist, camping, swimmer, canoer, cooking, property destruction



Theresa has been around the community theatre world in the twin cities for many years.  She loves to sing, dance and act for live audiences.  She is also known for her Legend Character portrayal of Klondike Kate for the St. Paul Winter Carnival in 2016.  She has several films  under belt as well, including a leading role in a featue film, An Alternative Directed by Jake Yuzna.

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