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January 26, 2020

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Dreaming of producing my first Fringe Show, I'm taking a short piece I wrote for Freshwater Theater's fall anthology, "The Chalice and the Nut,"  and writing a full one act.  We'll see if the Fringe lottery gods smile on me!  I am grateful to Freshwater and to my director, Sarah Broude, for their support! 



With over 35 years of experience acting in the Twin Cities, New York City, and summer stock, I am happy to continue expanding my skills and experience.  My strengths in classical theater, with several Shakespearean roles, a bit of Euripedes, and some Lorca under my belt, now include contemporary scripts and musical theater. I look for opportunties to effect positive social change through my work.  I strive to develop the inner life of characters with the specifics of gesture, movement, and moment to moment point of focus, so that my work is constantly true to the world of the play. I rejoice when I have a chance to return to companies I've worked with in the past, and welcome new challenges and opportunities that arise.  I look forward to many more years on stage. 




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