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Tom Emmott

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March 3, 2020
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Tom’s current news

Currently seeking opportunities in Minnesota Theatre and Film.

Most recently:  A Musical I co-wrote has been chosen for the Michigan Playwrights Festival and will be performed at Theatre Nova in Ann Arbor, MI.  It's called "The Growing Season."  Prior to that I played the lead character in the "teaser trailer" for the upcoming feature film "The Puzzle Factory" to be shot in Mexico and MN.  My last stage performance was the role of Jimmer in "Escanaba In 'Da Moonlight" at the Snug Theatre in Marine City, MI.  




Tom has been an actor and singer for most of his life.  During this process he also became a director and theatrical instructor.  This led to producing stage plays under the name October Journey Productions.  Tom has appeared in over 80 stage plays, 42 of which were a combination of musicals, operas, and comic operas.  He has appeared in 15 feature films, several having been either nominated for or have won awards.  Favorite stage roles include Wilbur in Hairspray, Henry in The Fantasticks, Chebutykin in Three Sisters and Max in The Sign In Sidney Brusteins Window.  Tom is also a playwright, voice artist, director and producer.  

Tom lived in Minneapolis for 12 years and is anxious to get back to working on stage in his adopted city and state.  While living in the cities Tom appeared in stage plays, a feature film, promotional videos, and as a director and voice artist.




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