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October 25, 2019

Trevor’s current news

Upcoming:  look out for the world premiere of The Viking and the Gazelle at the Phoenix Theatre in this summer's MN Fringe Festival, and don't miss Chuck'd, sure to be a hit in the 48 Hour film race this month.


Trevor Keeth is a twin cities film and stage actor who moved here a couple years back, still walkin' around with a bit o' that out-of-town smell, if you catch the wind just right (at least, that's what he says it is.)  He recently appeared as Frank in Sidekick Theatre's spring production of "Red Herring," as well as the 2019 Z-Fest Winner "Frost Bite."


Trevor Keeth, acting reel (Fall '19)

Trevor Keeth in "Mice" by Joe Hegle (

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