Women want in

There's still an awful lot of dudes in the room


A Congress Full of Women? It’s About Time!

Catharsis: From Aristotle to Freud to an Egg Salad Sandwich

Derek Lee Miller casts out some thoughts on catharsis.

BLOG: What Is Theatre For?

You may ask yourself what's theater for? You may ask yourself how did I get here? You may ask yourself my god, what have I done?

Today’s cover: Unfortunately Cyclical History with Andrew Rosendorf

Conversations with Playwrights about Writing from History Today


Play On!

“Play On!,” by Rick Abbot, tells the story of a theater group desperately trying to perform a fun-filled murder mystery, despite maddening …


’66: Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Created and performed by Chronofon Productions: Bradley Greenwald, Diana Grasselli, Prudence Johnson, and Dan Chouinard.

With …


Time To Burn

Red Bird Theatre’s production of Time to Burn, by Charles L. Mee, Jr., places people living on the margins of society center stage.  Set …




Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter, original book by P.G. Wodehouse & Guy Bolton and Howard …

The logos of various local websites

Your Guide to Minnesota's Theater Bloggers

All these people do it, like we do, for the love of theater. Check 'em out.

The State of Sound Design in the Twin Cities

Local sound designer Katherine Horowitz looks into what kind of support sound designers get.

The sound designer's view from the tech table.
Doug starring in a play at Great River.

Playlist Profile: Doug Scholz Carlson

With the hubbub of transition in the air, did you miss this significant change at Great River Shakespeare?

What is Brownbody?

The story of Black Americans during the reconstruction--presented on ice skates.

From Quiet as its Kept
Randy Reyes in rehearsal with Alan Berks and Candy Simmons

Where many roads meet

There's a lot to learn from how Randy Reyes has united the many aspects of his artistic career.

Yes, you do have a beautiful voice and. . .

Learn 10 tips for surviving in the voiceover trade.

The tools of the voice trade




Techs + Designers

“"Let’s not permit restroom business to blind us to the obvious truth that intensity is more alluring in our age of distraction than extended duration."”

— Charles McNulty

Hold This photo Left to right: Laura K Johnson, Tera Kilbride, Laurie Walker, Cristina Tolson, Erica Neal (behind), Laura Levinson - interview - magazine

What Do I Do With this Body? Keep Going. Keep Going.

Six emerging artists explore the depths with Dance luminary Paula Mann

By Kip Dooley

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