Dialogue: What is creative placemaking?

The act of placemaking has inspired performance artist Molly Van Avery to look at all aspects of art-making differently.

Dialogue, Part 2: When is a place not a place?

Ashley Hanson uses her artistic talents in service to her rural roots but rejects the idea that the place needed her to "make" it.

Dialogue, Part 3: What should art do?

Should we be worried when artists are asked to save the world?

Dialogue, Part 4: Think about The Money

Charles responds to Ashley and Molly's essays with an attempt to locate why a common hesitancy emerges.

Dialogue, Part 5 (+/-): Time and place and the art of return

Successful public art in community requires a commitment to the place that endures beyond the last show.

Today’s cover: News and Notes before the eclipse

Brief report from the wilds of Missouri


We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!

With the price of groceries rising every day, what is a simple housewife like Antonia to do? Join a group of protesting women and stuff food …


Somalia's Balloon

Somalia's Balloon
Written and performed by Ifrah Mansour
Somalia's Balloon is a short educational play where a young girl retells …


Fool For Love

The late Sam Shepard's seminal thrilling drama about toxic, passionate, star-crossed lovers Eddie and May, a ghostly old man in a rocking …


Little Fox and the Wheel of Time

The world premiere of Cirque De Lune presents an original Cirque Fairytale for all ages.

Little fox has awoken to discover it is still …



Nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 1980 Tony Award for Best Play, Bent, which made its Minneapolis premiere in 1983, …


Not That Special

“Not That Special” is an original play that focuses on the challenges that people with disabilities face when transitioning from the school …

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Your Guide to Minnesota's Theater Bloggers

All these people do it, like we do, for the love of theater. Check 'em out.

The State of Sound Design in the Twin Cities

Local sound designer Katherine Horowitz looks into what kind of support sound designers get.

The sound designer's view from the tech table.
Doug starring in a play at Great River.

Playlist Profile: Doug Scholz Carlson

With the hubbub of transition in the air, did you miss this significant change at Great River Shakespeare?

What is Brownbody?

The story of Black Americans during the reconstruction--presented on ice skates.

From Quiet as its Kept
Randy Reyes in rehearsal with Alan Berks and Candy Simmons

Where many roads meet

There's a lot to learn from how Randy Reyes has united the many aspects of his artistic career.

Yes, you do have a beautiful voice and. . .

Learn 10 tips for surviving in the voiceover trade.

The tools of the voice trade




Techs + Designers

“"Art won't save the world, it will just make it worth saving."”

— Derek Miller

Joe Waechter workshops The Hidden People at the Playwrights' Center during PlayLabs 2015

It Takes a Team

Joe Waechter and Madeleine Oldham on bringing hockey to the stage

By Julia Brown

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