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Somehow, it's still a fine time to be a white guy in theater.

Wrath of the Smartphone

We have met the enemy, and he is us. This is your weekly must-read.

Three suggestions to make the Fringe even better.

Our last Fringe article for 2015. What should be different next year?

Today’s cover: The benefits of being friends of a theater

What do those development people do and how do they do it?


Mary Poppins

Based upon the iconic Disney animated film, MARY POPPINS is a family musical featuring breathtaking dance numbers and unforgettable songs including: …



A big, bold, family-friendly musical, Hairspray tells the story of one young woman’s desire to affect social change in 1960s Baltimore. …


Ariadne auf Naxos: Mini-performance and lecture with the Minnesota Opera

Come to the Germanic-American Institute for an evening lecture and mini-performance on the Minnesota Opera’s first production of 2015-2016,


Throwback BNW: Junk from our Trunk

In our latest best-of show, "Throwback BNW: Junk from our Trunk," the cast takes a look in the BNW archives for the best sketches from the …


Minnesota Shorts Play Festival

See 14 new short plays from around Minnesota and around the world -- performed 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10 and Friday, Sept. 11 at Mankato …


The Best of Hank and Rita: A Barroom Operetta in One Act

Written by Joe Tougas; Performed by Joe Tougas, Ann Rosenquist Fee and Dan Vierck


It’s the final show …




Techs + Designers

“Why is stage @JungleTheater looking like a mobile home? http://strib.mn/1KVDrRo ”

— @claudepeck

The New vs. Minnesota

A couple blog posts with theater advice about making it in New York provide unexpected insight into Minnesota.

Penumbra style

While Garrison Keillor seems like Minnesota's essential national representative, don't forget that Penumbra Theatre nurtured the equally famous August Wilson.

The Minnesota Way

Wendy Knox and Bain Boehlke. Michelle Hensley and Lou Bellamy. Do they have anything in common? Quinton Skinner tracks it down.

The dance scene

Decentralized, political, process-oriented, and anti-fashion: Does that sound like the dance you've seen around town?

Too many writers! Too much money!

How are Minnesota playwrights like weeds and kittens? Poole's #2 post considers the unique legacy of the Playwrights' Center. Plus, Craig Wright pipes in.

The missing Minnesota mythos

"We are on the cusp of a change in what Twin Cities theater is, or at least, what it is willing to do."

Minneapolis Skyline

Minneapolis Skyline

The missing Minnesota mythos

From the Archive: Marya Hornbacher anticipated and speculated on change way back in 2010.

By Marya Hornbacher

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