Broadway's shuffle

As Hamilton flies, other musicals die. Also, there are other things to get legitimately angry about.

American dreaming, in the ring

Find out what brings a young immigrant and Hulk Hogan together.

The conventional rom-com, with a twist

Is an enjoyable rom-com like Le Switch a victory for gay rights?

Reviving Old Musicals: Cy Coleman

Learn more about one of Broadway's most eclectic composers.

Today’s cover: Scene 20: A Method Acting Exercise for Summertime

Because you're an actor, you can conquer the elements.


Annie Jr.

Annie jr.

JUNE 24, 2016 – JULY 31, 2016 • All Ages


South Pacific

An enchanting and sweeping musical romance

One of the most celebrated and lauded musicals in American theater, this Rodgers and Hammerstein …


Calendar Girls

When Annie’s husband dies of leukemia, she and her friends set out to raise funds for a local charity — by posing for a calendar completely …


Le Switch

A new play by Philip Dawkins

Directed by Jeremy B. Cohen

Featuring Patrick Bailey, Emily Gunyou Halaas, Michael Hanna, Kasey …



Eccentric Manhattan socialite Florence Foster Jenkins once declared, “People may say I can't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing.” …


A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare

Four hotsy-totsy young lovers are on the lam from the high-hats’ world of rules. Along the way, madness ensues when the lovers’ paths …




Techs + Designers

“Data on the economic impact of Minneapolis arts, culture and creative industries.”

— @cityminneapolis

Musicians perform on the "Wish Well" at Pillsbury House + Theatre

Artists in community podcast: An intro

Is art for the community in opposition to art for art's sake?

By  MinnesotaPlaylist

The New vs. Minnesota

A couple blog posts with theater advice about making it in New York provide unexpected insight into Minnesota.

Penumbra style

While Garrison Keillor seems like Minnesota's essential national representative, don't forget that Penumbra Theatre nurtured the equally famous August Wilson.

The Minnesota Way

Wendy Knox and Bain Boehlke. Michelle Hensley and Lou Bellamy. Do they have anything in common? Quinton Skinner tracks it down.

The dance scene

Decentralized, political, process-oriented, and anti-fashion: Does that sound like the dance you've seen around town?

Too many writers! Too much money!

How are Minnesota playwrights like weeds and kittens? Poole's #2 post considers the unique legacy of the Playwrights' Center. Plus, Craig Wright pipes in.

The missing Minnesota mythos

"We are on the cusp of a change in what Twin Cities theater is, or at least, what it is willing to do."

Minneapolis Skyline

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