Los Angeles demands lower wages!

Actors vote against their union demanding better wages for them. What a strange world.

It's a lot of booze

Midtown returns with a cocktail recipe inspired by "The Reagan Years"

Down in the valley

What do you think of when you think of "Pussy Valley"?

Pop culture explodes

For anyone with a taste for apocalyptic drama, this may be the play to end all plays.

Today’s cover: Are you guilty?

John Middleton witnesses crime and punishment, and returns to tell the tale.


Cellular Cinema III: The Double

In its third incarnation, Cellular Cinema presents a program of local experimental films featuring Double Exposures, Doppelgangers, Mirroring …


The Reagan Years

It’s the end of the Reagan era, and the Danger Brothers, four college buddies, have been partying nonstop. As their graduation looms, business-like …


Next to Normal

Diana Goodman has the perfect suburban life complete with a loving husband, son and daughter.  But her struggle with bipolar disorder threatens …


The Smothers Brothers Grimm

Comedy, death and fairy tales. But mostly death. Ten-year-old Milton is a full-fledged comedy geek. His grandfather raised him on the greats: …



When American tourists Tommy and Jeff get lost on vacation in Scotland they stumble into Brigadoon, a mythical village that appears for only …


Bedroom Farce

Trevor and Susannah, a pair of roving neurotics whose marriage is on the rocks, hawk their problems around the bedrooms of three other couples …

“"What does that say? Talk to the audience! Ugghhh, this is always death..." Ten Tips for Your Post-Show Discussion: ”

— @MNTheaterLove




Techs + Designers

From Persophone at the Cowles Center

Persephone and developing an instrument

This composer uses computer code.

By Mark Sweeney

New Year's Resolutions on a coaster

An actor resolves in the New Year to. . .

Dear Actors, dare yourself to improve your career with these 6 simple resolutions in the new year.

The press release

Find out how to compose a basic press release for an arts event.

The follow-up

What do you do after your send the press release but your phone is suddenly ringing with reporter's calls?

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Partial screen shot of my account page

What are we so excited about?

If you like knowing the big picture, this Editor's Note is written for you.

Watch this review

This show’s got it all: aggressive partnering, clowning, Belgian aesthetics, and a penis-oriented dance section.

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