Big & Dumb: Perfectly Good Sketches, Ruined

Presented by Heather Meyer & Meghan Wolff

Strike Theater

824 18th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN


Call 612-590-0454
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100 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Thursday, September 12 7:30 pm
Friday, September 13 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 14 7:30 pm
Comedy Experimental New work

What even is innovation? 

Big & Dumb, the wild, weird, and messy game-sketch show hybrid is back with new challenges, messier messes, and a clean-up plan (we promise).

Six talented and willing actors will attempt to perform scripted sketches perfectly, while also competing in challenges like "Shaving Cream Sheep" and "Sticky Paper Floor" that they don't know about until the moment of the show. The very game contestants are Mike Fotis, Maria Bartholdi, Emily Townswick, Nate Hessburg, Davis Steen, and Danna Sheridan. Created and hosted by Heather Meyer & Meghan Wolff, and featuring a special guest Continuity Judge each night!

Come join us, because who knows how many more times we can convince people to compete in our mystery challenges!