Get Thee Behind Me, Santa: An Inexcusably Filthy C…

Presented by Maximum Verbosity

Strike Theater

824 18th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418

90 minutes

Without intermission

Past performances

Thursday, November 29 7:30 pm
Friday, November 30 9:00 pm
Saturday, December 1 9:00 pm
Thursday, December 6 7:30 pm
Friday, December 7 10:00 pm
Saturday, December 8 9:00 pm
Comedy Musical New work Minnesota premiere

"...I leaned back in my chair and tried to wash away the uncomplicated flavors of shame, bile, and monkey spit..."

It’s December 21st, 2012, and something’s gone terribly wrong with the timeline. Now it’s up to Saint Nicholas, a soft-boiled detective, and an unknown carpenter’s son named Jesus of Nazareth to set things right in this giddily blasphemous collection of musical and literary parodies!

Based on the comic fantasy novella by humorist and internationally touring storyteller phillip andrew bennett low, adapted for the stage by playwright Joey Hamburger of Sheep Theater (Best Theater Troupe, City Pages 2018), featuring original songs by Pablo Jones, and directed by Derek Dirlam of the Condundrum Collective. Also featuring Jim Christianson, Kyle Dekker, Theo Ebarb, Al Fiene, Kirstin Nelson, and Jennifer Rathsack!

WARNING: may contain mature language, as well as immature and insensitive humor regarding genitalia, flatulence, regurgitation, sex, drugs, rock and roll, lies, videotape, duct tape, tapeworms, subversion of ethnic stereotypes, fulfilment of ethnic stereotypes, hate culture, rape culture, ape culture, horticulture, and/or a deep reverence for deep irreverence. Not for the faint of heart or stomach.


" off-the-wall noir-ish tale of blasphemy, time-travel, and social commentary on the hyper-commercialization of Christmas, interwoven with a series of 'Carols' that certainly deliver on the book's subtitle...the plot has the zaniness of something you and your friends would conceive while consuming way too much cheap whiskey after your 2:00 college creative writing class gets out..."

"...if you want a quick read...that will have you laughing and entertained with a 'holiday theme' then I can recommend this book. If you are a 'Church Lady' and want to get this to prove how much of a prude you are and complain how no one should read this...then pick it up too. It may just put a smile on your face..."

"I found this book to be completely, riotously hilarious...not a book for anyone who gets sick easily, or can't take a joke...quite offensive and crude and lewd and disgusting and harsh and unnecessary but that's what I loved about it."

James Allyn Christianson Jesus of Nazareth
Kyle Dekker Detective John B. Poquelin
Derek Dirlam director, Santa Claus
Al Fiene Hashmal
Pablo Jones composer, lyricist