Critical interview from Minnesota Playlist on Vimeo.

Critical interview from Minnesota Playlist on Vimeo.

An interview at Bryant-Lake Bowl with four Twin Cities performing arts critics: Quinton Skinner (City Pages), Camille LeFevre, Dominic Papatola (Pioneer Press), and Graydon Royce (Star Tribune).

0:00.00: How did you become a critic? Dominic put his two loves together; Quinton stumbled in to it.

03:45.01: How do you fit in to the performing arts community? The critic lives in a “no man’s land” between the artists and the media.

06:30.14: Are you an arts advocate? Advocacy is different than boosterism.

10:22.19: Who are your readers? Quinton: “the coolest, most adventuress crowd;” Camille: “a certain amount of intelligence.”

14:52.25: Are you in a “conversation” with artists? Where the critics say that they want you to call them.

19:33.29: Do you approach each show differently? “Going native,” giving shows “the benefit of the doubt,” and copping to biases.

26:03.28: Does size matter? The smaller the review, the less the context will be in it, and the more insights are left out.

32:24.10: What is the future of arts criticism? Blogs, new business models, theater as a reflection of the local community, and “the tyranny of limitless opinion.”

36:52.08: What do you want from the performing arts? “All I want . . . is I want my life to be changed.”

38:06.16: BONUS: Dominic and Graydon fight.