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November 8, 2017

Damon’s current news

Four months in as the owner of Playlist and I'm still learning cool nooks and crannies like "status updates" on your talent profile. 

Currently my company Swandive is workshopping Sam Graber's new work mONSTER. We are also in the midst of Veggie Stock Theatre which runs through June 17th. Look at that.



Damon Runnals is a script director and producer of theatre. His directing style is highly collaborative - bringing designers and actors together early in the process. His rehearsal work draws from elements of play and character exploration. As a producer Damon created Swnadive Theatre with his partner Meg DiSciorio. He has worked all aspects of productions including: auditions, casting, stage management, planning and organization, oversight of design team, technical work, load in, strike, etc. Damon has been directing full length productions and one-act shows since 1999. 


Outopia Work Sample

Crumble Work Sample


Directing (all productions with Swandive Theatre unless otherwise noted)

Kid-Simple: a radio play in the flesh - 2016
Defying Gravity - 2015
An Outopia for Pigeons - 2013
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - 2012
Crumble (Lay me down, Justin Timberlake) - 2011
The Baltimore Waltz - 2010
Postal Notes on a Marriage - 2009
Full Frontal Improve - 2009
The Play my Mother Hates - 2008
Inventing Van Gogh - 2007
The Backyard Play - 2006
Dearly Departed - 2006 (with La Vie Productions)
Bliss: three one-acts - 2005