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March 12, 2019

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Up next under the umbrella: Velvet SwingApril 5 -27 at Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater


Hannah K. Holman is a Minnesota-based interdisciplinary maker, social practice artist, theater collaborator, and creative consultant. She is deeply invested in arts-inspired conversation, community, and connection. As a poetic playground builder and spreadsheet storyteller, she leaps between art and administration in a single bound. She likes to do all the things. Read more about her work at www.hannahkholman.com


  • Producing Artistic Director of Umbrella Collective (formerly Savage Umbrella) - collaborating to create stunning and engaging new works of theater that foster vital conversations
  • Program Manager for the Minnesota Theater Alliance - supporting, connecting, and advocating for the statewide performing arts community
  • Project Manager for the Rural Arts & Culture Summit with Springboard for the Arts - a biannual, practitioner-driven gathering that celebrates and expands the role of art and creativity in building strong, healthy and resilient rural communities
  • Board Member & Collaborator with Public Transformation - highlighting, connecting, and supporting rural-based artists and arts organizations working at the intersection of creativity and community

With Umbrella Collective, she has been a director, performer, choreographer, designer, producer, and writer. Hannah has worked in a variety of capacities with many arts organizations and companies including Cantus Vocal Ensemble, The Fargo Moorhead Community Theater, Intermedia Arts, The Jungle Theater, Theater Latte Da, Patrick's Cabaret, Pillsbury House Theater, Skewed Visions, The Southern Theater, Spitting Image Collective, The Loft Literary Center, Park Square Theater, and more.

Collaborator, director, performer, writer, singer, dancer, producer, painter, and loud noise maker. Fascinated by bodies in motion. Passionate about new works.


With Umbrella Collective

VELVET SWING (Producer) | 2019
A SQUID HAS THREE HEARTS Workshop (Producer) | 2019
​TWO RUM PARTIES OF SIGNIFICANCE Workshop (Producer) | 2018
Night of New Works (Producer) | 2018
WOLF SONG Workshop (Producer) | 2018
THE RAVAGERS (Director) | 2018
EX-GAYS: NOT A STR8 REMOUNT (Designer / Producer) | 2017
VELVET SWING Workshop (Producer) | 2017
NIGHT OF NEW WORKS (Producer) | 2017
THE AWAKENING (Stage Manager / Production Manager / Scenic Painting) | 2017
SWEET DREAMS, ALFIE (Production Manager / Add'l Sound Design) | 2016
PENELOPE at MN Fringe ("Oinone") | 2016
NIGHT OF NEW WORKS (Producer) | 2016
JUNE (Creator / Director) | 2016
PENELOPE Workshop (Production Manager) | 2015
THESE ARE THE MEN ("Pythia") | 2015
FREAKS Workshop ("Allie") | 2015
VINLAND Workshop (Production Manager) | 2014
JUNE Workshop (Creator / Director ) | 2014
LEAVES ("Mabel") | 2013
RAIN FOLLOWS THE PLOW (Properties Design) | 2013
THE GOLDEN CARP Workshop (Director) | 2013
EMMA WOODHOUSE IS NOT A BITCH ("Harriet Smith") | 2013
RAPTURE Workshop (Production Manager) | 2012
NIGHT OF NEW WORKS (Ensemble / Co-Choreographer) | 2012
CARE ENOUGH (Assistant Director) | 2012
THE RAVAGERS ("Hecabe") | 2011
EX-GAYS ("Sam" / Fringe SM) | 2011

Other Selected Work

PERSEPHONE (Creator / Director) | Cowles Center, Minneapolis, MN
OF THE EARTH (Creator / Director) | Nimbus Theater, Minneapolis, MN
[CONSTRUCTED] (Creator / Director) | FFCT Lab Theater, Moorhead, MN
YOU BELONG TO ME (Director) | FFCT Lab Theater, Moorhead, MN
TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (Director) | FFCT Lab Theater, Moorhead, MN
EURYDICE (Assistant Director / Voice Coach) | FFCT Mainstage, Moorhead, MN
SLASHER ("Sheena") | FFCT Mainstage, Moorhead, MN
Chicago Avenue Project (Director / Instructor) | Pillsbury House + Theater, Minneapolis, MN
HAMLET (Retinue / Voice Over / Production Assistant) | The Jungle Theater | Minneapolis, MN
WILLY WONKA KIDS (Director) | FMCT, Fargo, ND
THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (Assistant Director / Sound Designer) | FMCT, Fargo, ND
JUNGLE BOOK KIDS (Acting Coach) | FMCT | Fargo, ND