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Heidi Berg

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May 19, 2019


"As Eliza, Heidi Berg enters with wonderful haughtiness, her defense against her family's rejection... Berg depicts Eliza softening in her relationship with Diana, in her cautious acceptance of Agatha's warmth, and her ebullience when encountering Benjamin."

"Brave, honest performances, the brittle, brilliant, deranged Doctor (Berg)..." Audience Review - FRANKENSTEIN: A MODERN PROMETHEUS

"...so beautifully fleshed out, and portrayed so effectively by Adelheid Berg as Danah..." Minnesota Theater Love - INTUITION AND THE MANTIS

"Heidi Berg’s delightfully gruff crossgender turn as J. P. Morgan reminds us just how powerfully a single man’s arrogance can misguide a whole economy." John Townsend - TESLA

Best Use of Line Award, 2014 48 Hour Film Festival, "All Night Long" - Heidi (Lead)

"Ilmarinen is full of attitude and dry wit, and Berg plays the character with a perfect balance of pragmatism and wry detachment." Sophie Kerman - THE KALEVALA

"Marianne's morose nature, drawn from the losses she endured throughout her life, is convincingly presented, as is her determination to stand as a bulwark against further losses... Heidi Berg's sensitive performance as Marianne builds upon the playwright's work to give her character a strong presence." Arthur Dorman - THE STORMS OF NOVEMBER

"Berg as the villainous Mrs. Cheveley brought the chill into the room with each entrance," Janet Preus - AN IDEAL HUSBAND

"It's a fuller portrait with satisfying epic sweep, performed in St. Paul with brutal integrity by Heidi Berg." John Townsend - MEDEA: A NOH CYCLE

"Berg, as the woman who mounts a one-woman campaign to investigate the aforementioned suspicious death, is the catalytic agent in the play. It's her performance -- at once sweet and tough -- she largely keeps things moving forward." - Dominic Papatola - BOOK OF DAYS

"...The middle segment features Jared Reise and Heidi Berg as vacuous students... They're entirely fascinating." Quinton Skinner - BASH

"Heidi Berg's empathetic Linda leaves memories of Diane Keaton behind." - Rob Hubbard - PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM


Heidi Berg Theatrical Reel April 2018


MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN - Pangea World Theater/Dipankar Mukherjee

CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS- Partridge- Pangea World Theater/Dipankar Mukherjee
A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED - Letitia Blacklock - Acadia Repertory Theater/Cheryl Willis

CABARET (Musical)- Fraulein Kost- Paul Bunyan Playhouse/Steve Meerdink
AN IDEAL HUSBAND - Mrs. Cheveley - Walking Shadow Theatre Company/Amy Rummenie
FRANKENSTEIN: A MODERN PROMETHEUS - The Doctor - Green T Productions/Dr. Kathy Welch
NICE PEOPLE DANCING TO GOOD COUNTRY MUSIC - Eve Wilfong - Paul Bunyan Playhouse/Terry Lynn Carlson
BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO (Musical) - Esther - Seasons Dinner Theater/Patti & Tom McCarthy
CIRQUE DE GUERRE (Premier Musical)- Ringmaster- Illusion Theater/Blayn Lemke
PRESCRIPTION MURDER - Claire Flemming - Ghoulish Delights/Tim Uren
MONKEY'S FIST - One Woman Show - Red Eye WIP: Heidi Berg/Phyllis Thorne
ONEIR0NAUTICS - Dream Interpretation - Rework: Art Attack/Rachel Jendrzejewski
THE RIVER BECOMES SEA - Eliza Crane - nimbus/Ernest Briggs
THE STORMS OF NOVEMBER - Ensemble - nimbus/Liz Neerland
THE HOLLOW - Gerda - Theatre in the Round/Wendy Resch Novak
BOOK OF DAYS (Area Premier) - Ruth Hoch- Theatre in the Round/Lynn Musgrave
PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM- Linda Christie- Starting Gate Productions/Jim Detmar
LOVES LABOURS LOST- Princess- Big City Productions/Garry Geiken
ROMEO AND JULIET- Mercutio- Big City Productions/Lonnie Westeen
LETTERS TO SALA - Sara/Laya Dina/Rachel - Sabes JCC/Lindsey Cacich
INTUITION AND THE MANTIS - Danah - Rogues Gallery Arts/Duck Washington
WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT - The Actor - Art's Nest/Undirected
CURIOSITIES - Multiple - Pangea World Theater and Intermedia Arts/Dipankar Mukherjee
ZAFIRA (OLIVE OIL WARRIOR) - Secretary Deb - Pangea World Theater/Dipankar Mukherjee
HEARTSHELL - Ensemble - Theatre Unbound/Heather Brady & Anne Bertram
MEDEA: A NOH CYCLE - Medea - Theatre Unbound+Green T Productions/Dr. Kathy Welch
2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY - Ensemble - Green T Productions/Dr. Kathy Welch
THE HOBBIT - Thorin - Green T Productions/Dr. Kathy Welch
KALEVALA - Ilmarinen - nimbus/Josh Cragun
FROM DARKNESS - Betty Parsons - nimbus/Josh Cragun
TESLA - Ensemble - nimbus/Josh Cragun
THE PIANO TUNER - Ensemble- Live Action Set/Megan Odell
BASH- Sue- CalibanCo/Jeremy Cottrell
SWEAT (Area Premier)- Brooke- Cory McLeod Productions/Cory McLeod
TALES FROM THE TWISTED CITIES - The Strange Woman/Nzuri - New Voices Theatre/James Austin Williams
PERSONAL EFFECTS - Ensemble- 2 Square Productions/Heidi Berg
A BUTTERFLY NET - Rachael - Red Eye WIP: Jessica Huang/Jessica Finney
CSI-BEN MCGINLEY - Performer - Ben McGinley/Laura Holway
WEIRD ROMANCE (Musical)- Shannara/Susan- Minneapolis Musical Theatre/Steve Meerdink
GODSPELL (Musical)- Day by Day/By My Side- Gaydar Productions/Rick Anderson
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Musical)- Mary Magdalene- Nativity Theatre/Michael Fillbrandt

BLACK - GREEN - RED - Lead - Santanu Chatterjee
ANGELS ALLELUIA - Voice-Over - Colleen Smith
THE PARASITE - Lead - Adam Zanzie
INVASIVE SPECIES - Lead - Greg Bauhof
ALL NIGHT LONG - Lead - Gabriel Coleman

PROGRESSION - Lead - John Heimbuch
LAST CALL - Lead - Colon Foxworth
LITTLE MEN - Supporting - Ayesha Adu
FRAGMENTED - Supporting - Marc Arnason
A MURDER OF CROWS - Supporting - Stefanie Toftey
RUMINATION - Supporting - KJ Sadural
WHITE MATTER - Supporting - Rob Gooding
THE DEVIL’S HOUR - Featured - Brewtown Productions 

OTIOSE - Lead - Fancymap Productions/Dawn Schot Klotzbach
GIRLS IN LANE 4 - Supporting - Steeltoe Stilletto
MEMORIES AND MUSIC (Short) - Supporting - TMJ Productions

CSI-BEN MCGINLEY (Short) - Lead - Ben McGinley Video

OUR HOUSE - Series Regular - Sarah Holzworth

New Media
SICK OF NORMAL - Series Regular - Dustin Franz
THUNDERBIRD SERIES - Recurring Guest Star - Jesse Dvorak

INTERACTIVE CHARACTER - Principal - Badiyan, Inc.

PB PLAYHOUSE PROMO (Radio) - Voice-Over - Paul Bunyan Broadcasting 

COSMETIC ENHANCEMENT (Radio) - Voice-Over - Marketing Architects

BETTER WAYS (Print) - Principal - Craig Perman Pictures

MEDIACOM AFI - Lead - Screenscape Studios
CHAMELIA 2014 HOLIDAY - Voice-Over - The Zachary Nelson Co.
CENEX TANKS OF THANKS - Lead - Sticks + Stones Studios 

PROMISE - Lead - Marshfield Clinic/ProVideo & Film, Inc. 

UNIQUE - Principal - Lawrence & Schiller


DENTAPURE WATER TREATMENT - Spokesperson - Dream World Studios 

HONEYWELL SALES SKILLS DVD 2012 - Principal - Badiyan, Inc.

EPEC PEDIATRIC - Principal - Creative Images, Inc.

MORTON SALT - Principal - Morsekode


Acting - Eric Morris - Actors Workshop
Contact Improv - Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder - Pangea World Theater
Clowning - Jon Ferguson - Master Class
Voice, Roy Hart Technique - Lucinda Holshue - Master Class
Voiceover Technique - Beth Chaplin - TC Pro VO
Dance: Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Pilates - Various - Zenon Dance
Dance: Kabuki, Noh, Kecak - Dr. Kathy Welch - Green T Productions
Martial Arts: Kalaripayattu - Shaji John & Dipankar Mukherjee - Pangea World Theater
Martial Arts: Krav Maga - Gail Boxrud & Dante Pastrano - Krav Maga Minneapolis

Shark Tours, Ear Prompter Proficient, Teleprompter Proficient, SCUBA, Sing (Mezzo/Belter), ASL Conversant, Basic Guitar, Splits, Knitting, Motorcycle (licensed), Drive Stick, Mosh Pit, Power Tools, Air Hockey, Bicycle, Basic Gymnastics, Stage Combat, Basic German, Running Accents: Irish (Dublin), Southern (Tulsa), RP British

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