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Josephine Everett

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March 4, 2019


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Pronouns: she | her | hers

I’m a costume and puppet designer based in the Twin Cities. I'm about challenging ideas, I’m about telling the stories that we need to hear right now, I’m about human connection, and I’m about representation. I work primarily as a costume and puppet designer because while I love the craft and the art of both, I think the bodies and representations of bodies we put on stage matter. It is important to be sensitive about what we communicate through design choices.

As an artist, I am drawn to explore societies and cultures by examining the individuals that inhabit them. I am curious about how identities are culminated under the specific conditions of a human being’s life. In my work as a costume and puppet designer, I have come to believe that costume and puppet design live at the intersection of conditions and identity. It is my passion to do this research, map out these stories, and tell them through my designs.


Check out her portfolio at www.josephineeverett.com to learn more about her work