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December 5, 2016


Kelsey Cramer is an actor, writer, teaching artist, and company member of Theatre Pro Rata and The Buoyant Group. She's found her performance niche as a character actor in comedy and physical theater, and as a creator and cheerleader of new work. A Twin Cities native, Kelsey studied theatre at the Perpich Arts High School and St. Olaf College, and also has a background working with typical and special ed. K-12 students at Perpich Arts High, Fraser Academy, YWCA of Downtown Minneapolis, and Sabes Jewish Community Center. 


The Knife Show: Lois

The Knife Show: Melanie

Chemistry On Set



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EDUCATION St. Olaf College, B.A. in Theater & English; Perpich Center for Arts Education Arts High School

TRAINING Acting: Jeanne Willcoxon, Dona Freeman & Gary Gisselman. Modern Dance/Movement: Anthony Roberts, Mary Harding & Bonnie Bottoms. Viewpoints: Leif Jurgensen & Tory Peterson. Neutral/Commedia mask: Dario Tangleson & Mariana Araoz. Clowning workshop: Jon Ferguson


The Illusion (Theatre Pro Rata/Park Square): "Kelsey Cramer gives a whip-smart reading to her various roles as a scheming, long-suffering servant." -Pioneer Press

"Kelsey Cramer is wonderful as the serving maid who in various turns nurtures, supports, vexes, schemes, undermines and swindles. She has a delightful ability to solve moral conundrums in ways that happen to serve her own needs." -Talkin' Broadway

Good Woman of Setzuan (Theatre Pro Rata): "Cramer brings a lot of heart to Shen Te and an equal amount of mercilessness to Shui Ta. She so easily shoulders the load of being the central character of this tale that you're inclined to forget just how tricky her assignment is." -TC Daily Planet

"Brecht may have eschewed emotional engagement, but there's plenty to be found in Kelsey Cramer's performance as the alternately sweet and cold-hearted title character." -Pioneer Press

Chief (The Buoyant Group): "[Chief]...finds himself living in a fire truck parked in a backyard belonging to a vodka-swilling grump and her daughter Doll (played by the show-stealing Kelsey Cramer)." -TC Daily Planet

Three Sisters (The Buoyant Group): "At the play's core are the sisters...Kelsey Cramer (Olga), Erin Mae Johnson (Masha), and Abigail Nones (Irina) clearly create this bond for us, and their moments alone together in the later part of the production are some of the best." -City Pages

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