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Kevin McLaughlin

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August 11, 2017



Life's Parade -- Red Eye Theater (October 2017)

The Good Person of Setzuan -- Grandpa/Cop/Ensemble -- Frank Theatre

Kid-simple: A Radio play inthe flesh --  Father/One/AAA Travel Guide -- Swandive Theater

will you still love me, tomorrow -- M -- Red Eye Theater

The Man in Her Dreams -- Det. Jack Louis -- Freshwater Theatre 

The Tiger in the Room -- Man at Party/Ensemble -- Unfold the Sky Productions

Mrs. Charles -- Mr. King/Norman -- Freshwater Theatre

Potatoes of August -- Professor -- Red Eye Theater

An Outopia For Pigeons -- Charles Bronson -- Swandive Theater

Someone Like Ewe -- Baabra (a sheep) -- Ricochet Theater

Bob's Holiday Office Party -- Marty -- Actors Theatre of MN

Hunter Gatherers -- Tom -- Red Eye Theater

Employee of the Year -- Albert Lee Lamberton -- Producing House

Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical -- Ed -- Joking Envelope

A Christmas Carol: The Golden Girls Remix! -- Sophia -- Theatre Arlo

The Importance of Being Earnest: The Bro’s Before Ho’s Remix! -- Algernon -- Theatre Arlo

Your Lithopedion -- Lithopedion -- Opium, Fireworks & Lead

Stitch, Bitch ‘N Die! -- Daniel -- Joking Envelope

Our Vanya, Ourselves -- Sophia -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

Seven Santas -- Klaus -- Ensemble Productions

The Tyranny of God’s Love -- Scott -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

The Museum Soliloquies -- brother -- The Playwrights’ Center

Twin Cities Next Top American Idol Search Contest -- Ryan -- No Refunds Theatre Co.

Dames at Sea -- Hennessy/Captain -- Gaydar Productions

In Defense of Sin: My Friend’s Best Stories -- various roles -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

Soulless, Bloodsucking Lawyers: A Brief Musical -- Mark Watson -- Fun With Law Productions

Industrials -- various roles -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

Urbane Legends -- various roles -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

WASP -- Premier/Roger/Choirmaster -- Ministry of Cultural Warfare

Verbatim Verboten -- various -- Great Beast Theater

All About Ewe -- Baabra -- Intermedia Arts, Bryant-Lake Bowl

The Big Hoover -- Larry -- Jef Hall-Flavin, producer

Holy Smoke -- Stewart/Cop -- Outward Spiral Theater Co.

The Occidental Muse -- Quinn -- Lucretia Productions

The Eight -- Cupid -- Fully Reciprocal Theater Co.

The Eight -- Hollywood -- Fully Reciprocal Theater Co.

The Bad Seed -- Emory Wages -- Theater 911

 Co-founder, writer, producer, performer -- Hot Dish! (troupe that produced over 10 full-length musical sketch comedy shows in Minneapolis, Denver, St Louis, and Provincetown, and appeared in the film Homo Heights). 

ComedySportz (improv) -- resident actor -- ComedySportz MN

Savage Sentinels -- Mr. Droll -- Feral Child Films

Lucy & the Calamity of Jane -- Doug -- Puzzle in Motion Productions

Little Words -- partygoer -- KinoFilmKraft 

America Unearthed -- reporter -- Committee Films (History Channel)

Homo Heights -- Widow 3 (Jackie Onassis) -- Lehmann-Moore Prod.

BA, Latin, Oberlin College.

Movement study with Kari Margolis, vocal study with Brian Goldenman and José Lugo. Speaks Spanish and Greek. Plays trumpet and euphonium.