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Kjer Whiting

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January 9, 2018
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See Kjer Whiting

Plays next
Friday 4/5
at 7:30 pm


Improv: Smartmouth Comedy, Haunted Basement


The Basset Table(upcoming)        Mr. Sago                            Persistent Theatre

Picasso at the Lapin Agile(upcoming)Charles D. Schmendiman     Chameleon Theatre

Pope Joan                                 Joan/John                           Featherstone Creative

Out of The Woods                      Narrator                             Gadfly Theatre

SaucerCon: Us and Them for a Better Future                      Ensemble      

And Then They Fell                   Male Roles                        Gadfly Theatre

The Pillowman                            Tupolski                             Exciting Play Society

A Night at the Black Pig            Laura Marholm                    Theater in the Round

Song For a Nisei Fisherman            Cora                             Theater Mu

Dark of the Moon                         Ella Bergin                        Theater in the Round

Feeding the Moonfish                      Eden                             Queue Here Theater

Theatre 101                         Samantha Carrington               Cromulent Shakespeare

What I Will, or As I Like It       Chorus/Narrator                    Cromulent Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet                     Gregory/various                   Phoenix Theater

Two Gentlemen of Verona      Outlaw, Panthino                   Cromulent Shakespeare                                      

Fefu and Her Friends                      Fefu                              College of St. Benedict

Home Free!                                   Joanna                            Hectic Flush Theater

The Threepenny Opera                  Betty                               College of St. Benedict

Vivien                                             Nurse                              College of St. Benedict

Man With Bags                           Ensemble                           College of St. Benedict

Clerambard                          Etienette Galuchon                   College of St. Benedict

Germinal                                    Ensemble                           College of St. Benedict






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