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August 19, 2019

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Thank you to everyone who attended JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP SPARKLING JUNIOR TALENT PAGEANT at Park Square Theatre. 

"Leslie Vincent is frighteningly perfect as the small town beauty queen hanging on to her crown with all her might." -  MN Theatre Love


"Everything seems to make sense, though, when Vincent’s onstage. Fortunately, that’s often. She triumphs with a deadpan performance as a cad who knows what she is..." - City Pages


"Leslie Vincent is a hoot as bad girl Val, fully committing to her delightful machinations." - Cherry & Spoon



Leslie Vincent is a Twin Cities based actor/singer who hails from Washington, D.C. Since her move here in 2013, she has worked professionally at many of the local stages including Old Log Theatre, Park Square, History Theatre, Umbrella Collective, Artistry, the Twin Cities Horror Festival, and others. She is half of the female jazz duo The Champagne Drops and is a local singer/songwriter and cabaret performer in the community.

What's been said of her:

"Leslie Vincent plays the owner of a local nightclub named Henrietta LaBisse and is a spitfire of a character. She gave an uproarious performance earning plenty of laughs from the audience." - Brett Burger, Broadway World on Victor/Victoria, Artistry 

"The elements that do shine through, like Leslie Vincent’s hilarious turn as the accident-prone club manager Henrietta Labisse, are those that wholeheartedly embrace the farcical extremes." - Basil Considine, Twin Cities Arts Reader on Victor/Victoria, Artistry

"Leslie Vincent was stellar as Grace Slick in “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane..." - Paige Kieffer, Sun Sailor on Beehive, Old Log Theatre