Mickaylee Shaughnessy

Last updated

October 15, 2018


Quirky character actor who has been working in the Twin Cities for over a decade.


Love is Never a Lie                     Victor/Victoria             Phoenix Theater Nest         Jenna Papke


Kaidan                                                  Mother-in-Law             Green T Productions            Kathy Welch


Shadow Visitors                         Bagong                      Sumunar                            Kathy Welch


Tales of Wonderland                  Beaver                       Phoenix Theater Nest          Jenna Papke


Prince Rama’s Journey              Jatayu; Valmiki             Green T Productions           Kathy Welch


The Rarebit Fiend                      Nightmare Wife            Hardcover Theater              Steve Schroer


Orpheus Descending                  Eva Temple                 Six Elements                     Jenna Papke


2001: A Space Odyssey              Leopard                      Green T Productions           Kathy Welch


Much Ado about Nothing            George Seacole         Six Elements                      Jenna Papke


The Hobbit                                Bombur                      Green T Productions           Kathy Welch


Merry Wives of Windsor Robert Shallow          Cromulent Shakespeare      Erin Caswell Brutscher


Valhalla                                       Mjol                            Six Elements                 Jenna Papke


Trojan Women                            Chorus Lead              Green T Productions            Kathy Welch


Flanagan’s Wake                        Understudy                Actor’s Theater MN              John Haynes


Wyrd Sisters                              Young Roger              Cromulent Shakespeare       Bucky Fey


Prom                                          Mackenzie Grover      Children’s Theatre                 Whit McLaughlin


Related Experience



Code 21                                     Dramaturge                 MN Fringe Festival                 Russel Schneider


Mrs. Warren’s Profession          Dramaturge                 Frey Theatre                           Amy Kritzer



Education: BFA College of St. Catherine 2008 (one requirement fulfilled at Hamlin); 2 years actor training

at Children’s Theater Company; 3 years actor movement training (Nōh, Kabuki, Suzuki, Butōh) with Green T Productions.


Special Skills: Death croak, multiple roles; clarinet; dialects; fluent in French, modern and Jazz dance


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