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Rachel Austin

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February 27, 2019


Originally from Dallas, Texas, Rachel received her BA in Theatre from Macalester College in 2009. Rachel has been performing in the Twin CIties for the past 10 years, with roles ranging from comedy to drama, slapstick to blues musicals. She currently works with MnCIT training law enforcement officers in deescalation, as well as with multiple Standardized Patient programs. She is a 2019 recipient of the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, which is funding the creation of her project "Love Labor" about being a caregiver to a sick parent. 

People are talking:

"Rachel Austin is a f***ing gem. As someone who works with abused women and trafficked girls, I was floored and encouraged by Rachel’s representation of a strong abused woman […] Give it up for some solid talent. I am hypercritical of performers and she honestly convinced me with her confusion, devotion, sass, and anguish. She is that good.” – Lisa Hu, on Elysium Blues

"Rachel Austin's Eurydice knocked me flat on my ass. From that point on I was hooked."

"[She has] a talent for physical comedy that is not over the top […] Plus the girl has a set of pipes on her... Go see her now and be amongst those who will be able to say ‘I saw her when...’" – about Southern Woman


Rachel Austin Voice Over Demo



Diary of Anne Frank---Miep---Park Square Theatre (Ellen Fenster)

Right, Wrong, Or Bomb: A Dating Musical---Hayley---MN Fringe 2018 (Shanan Custer)

Rocket Man---Rita---Theatre Pro Rata (Stuart Gates)

Blithe Spirit---Mrs. Bradman---Artistry (Ellen Fenster)

The Averagers---Babe the Blue Ox---Comedy Suitcase (Scrimshaw & Weinhagen)

House Party---Ginny---Savage Umbrella (Tanner Curl)

Green Line Theater---Microphone---MMA (Ashley Hanson)

The Kafka Nuts---Leni---Comedy Suitcase (Scrimshaw & Weinhagen)

Love, Loss, and What I Wore---Ensemble---Theatre in the Round (Shanan Custer)

Letters to Sala---Frymka/Rozia/Gucia---Sabes JCC (Lindsey Samples)

Elysium Blues---Eurydice---Unit Collective, MN Fringe 2013 (Ricardo Vazquez)

How to Become a Complete Southern Woman---Herself---MN Fringe 2013 (Harry Waters Jr.)

Blacula: Young, Black, and Undead---Van Helsing---Bryant Lake Bowl (Harry Waters Jr.)

Better (or) Worse (Scars)---Kit---Freshwater Theatre (John Zeiler)

These are the rules of hitchhiking:---Hazel---University of MN (Kristen Stoeckler, Heidi Arneson, Sonja Kuftinec)

Independence---Sherry---Theatre in the Round (Leah Cooper)

Sum of Sand---Sand, et al---Unit Collective, Fringe ‘11 (Lindsey Cacich)

MN Girls are Not for Sale---Rose---Mama Mosaic (Sha Cage)

Oy!---Sara, Kravitsky---Theatre Or (Anya Kremenetsky)

Med(i/e)a---Creon---Pangea World Theater (Tisch Jones)

The Haunted Theater---Lover---Director’s Studio (Matt Hune/Damon Runnals)

EWOCs Do It in 10 Minutes---Various---Unit Collective, Fringe ‘10 (Harry Waters Jr.)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof---Big Mama---Macalester College MainStage (Wendy Knox)

Wit---Vivian Bearing---Macalester Black Box

Angels in America---Hannah Porter Pitt---Macalester MainStage (Harry Waters Jr.)

The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer---Censor---Macalester MainStage (Beth Cleary)

Jesus Christ Superstar---Mary Magdalene---Macalester Black Box

Alice in Wonderland---Cheshire Cat---Dallas Theater Center TC

As You Like It---Maid---Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival

Fiddler on the Roof---Rifka---Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival


A Winter Love---Cyn---A Winter Love Production, full-length feature (Rhianna Yazzie, director)

Transfer---Lena Olinger---328 Productions, 2011 48 Hour Film Festival (nominated for 4 awards, including Best Film)

EDUCATION Macalester College, BA in Theatre (Class of 2009) NYU, Film & Performing Arts (Spring 2008) TRAINING Macalester College, Theatre & Dance Dept - Harry Waters Jr., Sears Eldredge, Beth Cleary Sanford Meisner Technique, SMU Meadows

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