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Tara Lucchino

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April 3, 2018


STAGE: Sheep TheaterThe Assassination of the Arch Duke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip (Michael Torsch) The Good Boy & The Kid, Sarah (Michael Torsch) -  Tamburlaine, Princess Sophia (Michael Torsch) - Christmas Storiessz IV O Holy Night, Melchoir (Michael Torsch) - Christmas Storiessz V Silent Night, Madeline (Michael Torsch) Nimbus Theatre: Ludlow, Mary Petrucci (Liz Neerland) - From Darkness, Lee Krasner (Josh Cragun) - The Lower Depths, Vassalissa (Josh Cragun) - Woyzeck, Marie (Brian Hesser) MN Fringe 2017 (Kit Bix): It Can't Happen Here, Mary Greenhill (Bryan K Bevell) Freshwater Theatre Company: If You Don't Weaken, Caron (Ariel Leaf) - MN Fringe 2016 (Hey Rube): So Bright the Night, Maria Fuentes (Duck Washington) - 20% Theatre Company:If We Were Birds, The Mysterious One (Lee Conrads) - Theatre in the Round: Summer and Smoke, Rosa Gonzales (Randy Reyes) - Fearless Comedy Productions: Masquerade at Bernard's, Gwendolyn (Duck Washington) - Apple Valley Live:Twelfth Night, Maria/Fabian (Peter Beard) - Sabes Jewish Community Center: Letters to Sala (Regional Premiere), Ala Gertner (Lindsey Cacich Samples) - The Cromulent Shakespeare Company: The Comedy of Errors, Luciana (David Schlosser) - Theatre Unbound: girl group, Abigail Cordell (Rebecca Rizzio) - Starting Gate Productions:Our Country's Good, Mary Brenham (Richard Jackson) - Pioneer Place on Fifth: Laughing All the Way IV: It's a Wonderful Show, ensemble (Daniel Barth) - Jesus Christ Superstar, Ensemble (Michael Kelley) Chameleon Theatre Circle: The Who's Tommy, Mrs. Walker (Brad Donaldson) - A Chorus Line, Val (Christopher Tibbetts) - Almost, Maine, Glory, Gayle, Marci (Mishia Burns Edwards) Acadia Repertory Theatre: Round and Round the Garden, Annie (Edwin Strout) - Snow White and Rose Red, Rose Red (Cheryl Willis) - Rumpelstiltskin, The Prince (Cheryl Willis) -  Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre: Freakshow, The Girl (J.J. Cobb) - Lysitrata, Female Chorus Leader (Erin Wencl) - The Scioto Society: Tecumseh! Mamate -Tecumapese US- (Adam Burke) Penn State University Main Stage:Cinders, The Father (Richard Nichols) - The Brothers Menaechmus, The Wife  (Jonathan Flom)


Persistent Theatre Productions' The Basset Table, playing Sir James Courtly, directed by Meggie Greivell. April 15-22, 2018


Daniel Bonespur                                     Collaborator/Singer on the album Dead People                          


Penn State School of Theatre Theatre B.A., Pennsylvania State University

Acting: Jim Wise, Brant Pope, Richard Nichols, Bob Vernon

Movement & Stage Combat Instruction: (Unarmed, Epee/Rapier) Jane Ridley, Mark Olsen, Michael Jerome Johnson

Voice/Speech Instruction: Charmian Hoare

Voice Over: Sarah Jones-Larson,  Dave Larson

Vocal Training: Richard Biever 

Commercial Technique- Angela Montelbano


Audioverse Awards 2014 Nominee for Best Actress in an Original Supporting Role:  Forsythia – The Chronos Paragon, Liz

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