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TheaterForms provides web-based services for creators of live theater. We offer an online AuditionForm service to make your life as a theater producer easier, more efficient, and more productive.

AuditionForm is an online audition form that is customizeable to meet the needs of your productions. You get the benefit of all the information you can gather from audition forms, but you get it before the audition, and organized in more useable ways.

  • Professional presentation to make your theater look good.
  • Get auditioner information early to know if you need to publicize more.
  • Improve audition turnout with automated reminders.
  • Visually presented conflicts are easier to read. Conflicts grid makes it easier to schedule rehearsals.
  • Integrated appointment scheduling for less hectic auditions.
  • Gather headshots and résumés online: less waste and easier to organize.

Information from your audition forms is made available to you in many ways. View or print clean auditioner data sheets. Download résumés and headshots. View your audition schedule and print an auditioner sign-in sheet. Download a spreadsheet file containing all auditioner data. Email all auditioners, or all signed up for a particular day.