Auditions for 18th Annual Smorgasbord & Time Party!

Back for the third year in a row, Rosetown is holding auditions for the 18th Annual Smorgasbord & Time Party, another zany and hilarious original show!  Not only is a show, but refreshments (dessert!!) will be served to audience members with the price of the ticket!


What’s this original show about?

It's time for the 18th Annual Heavenly Smorgasbord, one of the greatest parties in all of Lauderdale, MN! It's so great, in fact, that this year it's been crashed by the Intertime Enterprise’s Corporate Retreat, a time-traveling party. The Smorgasbord has been chosen to host their annual party which has been dropped into all kinds of amazing places before: an ancient Greek frat house, Kubla Kahn’s pleasure dome, Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm, you name it! Intertime Enterprise's CEO is preparing to step down and is looking for their successor. Two people vie for the future of the company in a series of absurd and maybe-not-so-fair challenges. Who will become the next CEO? Who will give the keynote speech? Do the Interns have names? And most importantly, what's for dessert?


Written by Peter Lincoln Rusk  –  Directed by Drew Pannebecker


Audition Info

Date: Sunday, January 26

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Location: Falcon Heights Church UCC (1795 Holton St, Falcon Heights)

Who: Adults 18+ (audience members of all ages are welcome!)

Audition Info—including what to prepare!

Audition Form—save time at the audition and fill it out now!

Contact information

Rosetown Playhouse
Kate Getting (stage manager)
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